Opinion | Turning Down ZNBC Sunday Interview An Act Of Cowardice By HH

On Saturday, we reported that opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader, Hakainde Hichilema, turned down an arranged ZNBC Sunday Interview programme that wanted him to discuss matters of privatisation.

ZNBC’s invitation to Mr Hichilema followed the party’s request, through secretary general Mr Stephen Katuka in a letter dated September 10, 2020, that the national broadcaster must feature their leader to respond to allegations FDD leader Edith Nawakwi raised against him.

But on the day of the interview on Saturday, the party changed its position and made representations to ZNBC Management.

They said Hichilema was unable to present himself to the ZNBC Interview as the matters he intended to discuss were now in a Court of law.

Our view is that Mr Hichilema is a joke! You write a letter and demand to be featured on the same platform Ms Nawakwi appeared but when the request is granted, you turn it down! This is a serious level of arrogance Mr Hichilema, aka Mr Nsele, has exhibited towards the national broadcaster.

What was the motive of his party writing a letter requesting an interview on ZNBC, only to turn down the interview after the request has been granted? This is taking others for granted!

The truth is that Mr Hichilema is afraid to face Grevazio Zulu to answer questions on the issue of privatisation because he has nothing to say. His behaviour on this ZNBC interview shows nothing but a man who has swamped himself in arrogance and, to a greater extent, cowardice, hence his continuous “Lungu wants to kill me” rants which have been going on for over three years now!

What the Zambians are looking for are simply answers on Mr. Hichilema’s role in the privatization process. There are strong allegations that Mr. Hichilema, as Consultant and Evaluator during the privatisation process, grossly profited from it instead of Zambians by under-valuing state assets, selling state assets to himself and his associates, failing to declare commercial interests and failing to make disclosures in assets that he was interested in or his associates.

With this at hand, it can only be understood why Mr Nsele decided to chicken out of the interview which he sought himself. Those are cowardly acts!


  1. HervRena

    H H is truely right not to discuss matters that are pre judicial.As a reporter Chris Phiri should not be in support neither parties.Its shameful.

  2. Am tired of this shit

    What is your problem chris phiri, why do u always like to write awful things about hh, what has he ever done to u to deserve such hate and scrutiny, what is wrong with you, busy always writing good things about pf and lungu but when it comes to hh and upnd busy writing all these terrible things, we know pf have given you a mission to campaign for them and destroy hh’s reputation. One day God’s justice will be upon all of u who humiliate abd demean hh, time will catch up with you and u can’t run away from it. Justice shall be served, stop now before it’s too late

  3. Winson Sichone

    HH is absolutely right,there no way they would want him to feature on the ZAMBIAN NATIONAL BROADCASTING COOPERATION when they actually don’t cover him…
    Just because they want to discuss on the issues they think kind of favours them,why can’t the ZNBC feature PF on issues such as 48 houses,etc?

  4. X4

    Liv kris alone he is jst duin his job as a jonalist.why ar u pipo trying to shield a crimnal?we hav seen ecl’s name being tanished in many HH sponsered tabloids.why dd he request to feature on tht prgram wen he knw frm th botom of his hat tht such isues ar stll in court?HH must b a joker,nd coward .zambians pliz dnt let this criminal go schoch free he has to b accountable of our resources,one wud realy wander whre his wealth coms frm.he truly desevs justice ,hon.chitalu is under investgations how special then is hichilema aka nsele?

  5. Joe Sino

    Even i can turn down znbc tv be cause the same zulu you talking that HH is afraid let me remind you last time HH was interviewed on the same program zulu was going out off the topic even HH reached an extent of telling him i know you doing this safe gaurd your job you are not free check on “YouTube” the last interview he had and see for yourself

  6. Mk

    Before they interview him,let them interview the owner of those 48 house built on a government land…
    Zambia is the only country in the world that has 48 mansions(house)without the owner.
    That’s why Zambia will never develop because we don’t deal with the issue at hand,the issue that is affecting the Zambia people yet u prefer to tackle the issue that happened 29 years ago in Analog….
    Why should he be interviewed if the matter is in court or is znbc now the court…

  7. Sosa

    If you wanted to host HH on your father’s broadcaster you should have called him to explain how this intelligent man is going rule this country but not those dirty issues brought forward by a serial pengulamo prostitute,so next time you call our president to appear on your adada’s mouth piece you should call him in good faith no through rubbish way of trying to pour mud at him……..marubbish foolish fool Chris.

  8. kennedy

    He has good advisers. He was advised not to do so

  9. Zambian 1

    Actually there is something wrong with the author of this article, why should he discuss an issue currently in court? Why not on Znbc? Say all you want he won’t come

  10. King cool

    Ili lyashi nalikosa , eilya tulanda , survival of the fittest,

  11. King cool

    Ili lyashi nalikosa , eilya tulanda ati , survival of the fittest,

  12. Adviser

    As usual most of HH’s supporters that are commenting here are not sharp. Haha was not invited by ZNBC – the SG of UPND requested for the interview.

    • Chipoya Gift

      Attest to your cliams that SG UPND called for the lnterview.

  13. PinkyMasterG


  14. PinkyMasterG

    @Adviser..Are you sharp yourself…How sharp…Share your CV and tell us what you have accomplished in life instead of hallucinating on social media.. You are just a LOW LIFEs with nothing to show apart from poverty

  15. Shocked

    That was great wisdom. How do you discuss the issue that is already in court. It was a trap. Also the should interview the other people that were in the team of privatisation. Is he the only one that played the roles of the processes? I believe it was a big team. Where are the others?

    • X4

      No wonder u ar called shocked coz u hav no shocks in frnt,read widely so tht u understnd clearly was it znbc hu invited th manson HH or its th recipricol? Wake up

  16. Brian

    Anyway I’ve never been a fan of any social media commentry, but I feel I just have to say something on this one, calling each other names is not encouraged in Christianity way of living and our traditional culture doesn’t neither. I am siding or supporting any side, but I think Mr. H. H has his reasons, so people and those in the forefront should be be patient than treating each other like not of the same family, we’re one I always emphasize, today it can be me in sleepless situation the other day it might be you and you and you. Life changes like the hands of a clock, we all have punctures in life and in these punctures we learn to mend our tyres. They say” do good to others you might meet them on your way down “. I guess no one prays for a downfall, but they by the will of God, maybe trying to make us learn something or strengthen us. No reason of hating one another, we’re one. After the Zambia was declared a Christian nation, the country have been enjoying peace and even in our Zambian legend Dr. K. K, they had been peace and respect for humanity, but I don’t know, because even when I try to open any social media platform all I see are insults and abusive language. Where is the Love we had for others gone?… Where is the respect we had for each other gone?……. Compaigns and elections has always been there and they come and go, but we still remain one Zambia…. If you hate your neighbor, whom would you call if you where attacked by lobbers in the middle of the night…. If your child is nearly dying and your neighbor is only one with help needed, would you you go and look for another neighbor to replace that neighbor of yours. Let’s not pretend as we doesn’t know that such things happen, nobody has ever seen God physically, but we believe that there’s God. Yes we can not see him because he had all reasons to make himself invisible, however, though we don’t, but the Bible tells us that he is with us, he moves with us, dines with us, sleeps with us. We’ll never never see him on earth because he uses humans in flesh to deliver his message to his people. Whatever good you do to your brother, it’s done unto God, that hate for your brother it as hate to God. Nobody prays to God for blessings when there’s so much much hate for others in his heart. This just a word of advice and encouragement. Love you all, let’s mind what we write brothers and sisters, friends and relatives. Love and Respect =Peace and Harmony. God bless you all

  17. Whiteson

    I have just checked through all the posts, are they from young people? Look at theses dates: 4th Sept HH sues Nawakwi; 10th Sept HH’s Upnd demands znbctv for appearance; 19th Sept HH declines appearance. Is anyone in their right mind, convinced that HH and upnd are in their right state of mind?

  18. HH has good adviser than ECL.

    Comment,,,Anyone with small pin charger

  19. Gift Chipoya

    Out of 270 State owned companies which were privatised,l only hear 4 connected to HH.what about 266 companies? iwe ba Zambia it’s like you do not have what do Sana? Solve your current problems ba muntu.why keep the citizens busy with old matters that’ll not bring butter or bread on their tables.

  20. Kenneth Zimba

    I believe HH was right to turn down the interviews, simply that the issues are before the courts of law.
    Why do we want to hear more from him as the matters are already in the courts of law.
    Let us be fair, HH has been responding to these allegations many times very well unless otherwise if it is not political opponents digging his down fall.
    If it was I could wait the courts exostosis its time.
    Therefore, stop pushing HH to the walls.

  21. Prince of Egypt

    Something fishy is going on here, you mean ZNBC really wanted to interview HH? the main opposition leader? It sounds like interview Yama setting.

  22. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    That act is professional. Which law in Zambia allows to talk the matters which are already in the court? For you calling him coward, disappointed with. But I don’t bleme you anyway,you must be hungry. You’re paid for it. If not so,you could have eyes to see the true nature of the sense. Since when did HH appeared on ZNBC? And when it happened to televise the matter which are already in the court? You’re too dull my dear.

  23. PF no chance

    This fool called Chris, will join Chanda chimba in prison after August 12. 2021and we gonna make this idiot pays and I can also assure him that pf will be no wre to defend him, we are going to make sure you rot in prison

  24. JMS


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