Police Officers To Undergo In-Service Training On Crowd Management

Lusaka ~ Mon, 21 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The Zambia Police Service has launched an in-service training programme aimed at equipping police offers with necessary and appropriate skills on crowd management ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja has said the training will enable the police officer to perform their duties to the expectations of the Zambian citizens.
He said this at the launch of the training programme at Zambia Police College in Lusaka today.
“I wish from the onset to announce that this program is not only commencing here at Lilayi but also in the other two police training schools and a total of 150 officers will undergo training during the initial refresher course in crowd management. I have directed that all trainees should be imparted and exposed to similar skills in order to obtain standardized skills in handling and dealing with riotous behaviour,” Mr Kanganja said.
He said the government has acquired modern equipment in line with the United Nations Standards on Crowd Management and police needed to be trained to handle crowds.
Mr Kanganja said the intention of this gesture by government is noble and simply meant to meet proper policing methods of modern times aimed at combating any form of lawlessness and disorder in the country.
He wondered why some quarters of society were circulating falsehoods amongst members of the public, including use of social media, suggesting that arming the police with equipment is meant to intimidate the citizenry.


  1. HervRena

    Teach them basic Law also,most officers don’t understand certain crimes.For them everything is malicious damage.

  2. The kolintolism

    Extend there training to at least 1year 6 months.most police officers doesn’t know basic law.they only know how to beat people.it is like the common law that every one is innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law doesn’t apply to them.its outright judgement to them.zambia police officers doesn’t even advise people of their Miranda rights before making an arrest.they Don’t even know which crimes warrants a person to be put in handcuffs.six months yali chepa.also it’s high time they started using English and not nyanja

  3. Zibazako

    Does this mean there will be no recruitment.?

  4. Tombolilo

    Crowd management in anticipation of what?

  5. Central

    Emphasise. On proper use of English language bcoz some of as we cannot connect nyanja and other languages.

  6. Zibazako

    Youths are waiting for the mass recruitment not this in thing.. ba ig will those 150 manege to handle the hole contry.?

    • Harry Chasemena

      Im waiting the Recruitment I’m interested looking wonderful and powerful

  7. cm

    Teach them how how to speak English, and how to write a report.

  8. Trigger

    We need updates about the recruitments. Are we having or not?

  9. Ken d

    good idea

  10. Chabota phiri

    Are you going to recruit this year

  11. kay one1

    Are these 150 old men going to overlook the whole country, the Answer is no their can’t manage now mr IG is the recruitment going to comense this year or what not vama 150.everyweek i see conteiner trucks bringing equipments for the upcoming recruitment

    • Ubuchushi

      Ba Kapokola bengi, but ubunonshi no mutende tapali,doller nainina sana, abalelya bwiino banono fye bakampenga balechula fye kwabula inchito.

  12. Zed Political analyst (ZPA).

    We know u are worried about next year.. Dnt worry most zambians dnt riot or misbehave only unza students but if not the right person wins next year elections then your worries are in order.. If u know u know.. Kwasila

  13. Miyanda siamate

    Am interested in police training

  14. phostinah hachinunka

    When is the recruitment please for this year we are tired of waiting.

  15. Winfridah katiba

    I’m interested in the recruitment

  16. Interested

    Peace and order, submissive to job.

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