Load Shedding To End In March 2021 – Energy Minister

Lusaka ~ Tue, 22 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

Minister of Energy Mr Matthew Nkhuwa has said load shedding is expected to end in March, 2021.

Speaking at a joint press briefing at Chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya’s office today, Mr. Nkhuwa said the dam water level at Kariba North Bank Power Station fell from the previous 480.33 meters to 480.20 meters, representing 33.2 percent of usable storage.

He has said Zambia’s average power generation is currently at 1,846 megawatts, with Zesco only producing about 1,400 megawatts.

He said the other 424 megawatts is from independent producers.


  1. White Knee On black neck

    i don’t get it, how will load shedding end in this case?


    Ummmmmmm…. What mechanism shall you put in place??????????? That’s precisely what your said last year!!!!!

  3. speak

    toward elections

  4. Old Mzee

    ZESCO has no capacity to end load shedding.
    It is like a father telling a child that he will buy him toys when he knows very well he has no money.
    GOVT should have said that Kafue Lower will come on in 2025 than between late October 2020 and March 2021 people woule give them the benefit of doubt.Tey keep on changing dates of commissioning.
    Forget it

  5. Abraham

    But this govt. In parliament he
    That by end of this year his minister ati next year March. Do you guys talk as cabinet. Solution is to vote another govt next year. For how many should we continue to suffer like this. 2019 they were no rain 2020 rain came still more nothing is happening. I will make sure I vote this time. Our God shall ser us through 🙏

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