News Diggers Editorial | Some Excerpts: UPND Can Lose Again To PF, And Here Is Why

OVER the weekend, United Party for National Development (UPND) chairperson for elections Honourable Gary Nkombo made a rare admission, stating that the biggest opposition party needed to make internal adjustments, instead of always blaming the Patriotic Front government for its loss of elections. This statement attracted a lot of praise from people who share the same view.

Unfortunately, the admission came without any accompanying confession regarding where things were going wrong. The party official simply said: “We take note of the results and I think the fairest thing to say is that even as we cast some blame on the system and the players, we also would like to say that maybe from our own end, there is a lot of buttoning up to be done.”

Honourable Nkombo must be commended for facing reality and making an admission that the party has internal challenges. The Mazabuka member of parliament is also on point to say that the party cannot go on apportioning blame on the system. Indeed, the UPND needs to introspect and realise that they are still far from catching the elusive key to government. This realization is what they need if they are to apply the right efforts in the right areas of political mobilization.

One of the biggest challenges that UPND has is that they arrive before they reach. It is our considered view that the party listens too much to its own propaganda. In many cases, when the country is heading towards elections, people in UPND begin to behave like they have already won the elections. Some already start picturing themselves in government positions. They just look at the number of people who attend their rallies or the thousands of comments they get from followers on social media, and they conclude that they are winning, no matter what comes. In the end, when the results are announced, they reflect the opposite of what they were so sure about. In the end, the rigging excuses take centre stage.

It is not an issue of debate, the UPND is a very popular party. But it is also among the least in terms of strategy. The party lacks a think tank that can examine the winning strategy or the Patriotic Front and begin to work towards countering that. If they believe that they have been winning and their votes are always stolen, what have they done about that for the past 20 years? What measures have they put in place to protection their claimed victory? How is the PF winning elections in the face of so many scandals and poverty among the people. What are they telling the voters, what are they giving them? What is the PF campaign strategy? Where do they apply their efforts. These are the questions that UPND must be asking and answering.

When we look at the UPND, we also find that many party activities are centered on the party president. We don’t know whether this is by decree that no one should move unless the president sanctions or it’s the laziness of some members who wait for handouts from their rich leader before they can go flat out to mobilise. Today we are winding up September and in just over 10 months, elections will be on the doorstep, yet some top UPND officials and some MPs are just sitting ndwii, waiting to miraculously win so that they can be appointed to those government jobs they have been dreaming about.


  1. Collins Nyirenda

    This is the mindset that we need from leaders with strategies ..

  2. A4

    Wel articulated by th author,th upnd always think their vots ar stolen coz wen ecz anounces results them ar buzy makin comparizons wth th total number of msgs tht were in their favour on social media,hence th nid to educate thm on hw pipo mek decisions nd com up wth strategies nt jst makin noiz each tym they lose.


    Well said.
    Elections are won in the background. HH you must also throw your penguin hands. Start giving your team money for compaigns and adverts. I repeat, throw your penguin ✋ hands away….

  4. mullah

    Vote for a crow than for crony capitalists

    • HaHa 😂

      Pf are corrupt dirty cheaters who win by deceiving people. Quite alright UPND might have its issues it needs to work on but pf have been making people to picture upnd in a way that disadvantages upnd, for example, pf like to tell this ill narrative that upnd and hh are tribal, people in rural and remote areas are easily fooled into believing what is not right.

  5. Tresam

    True politics from a well cooked politician
    Blame not the PF but strategy!
    Big hand to Honorable Gary Nkhombo for coming out clearly

  6. Kafwanka

    @Haha, there you go again. Takatekepo with that attitude.

  7. Parton Nyirongo

    Pf has government resources, they easily corrupt the people

  8. Edward Havuluma

    That is why you don’t allow ECL to leave the office while in campaigning time?? Your clever but you can’t see us how we’re Suffering from Hunger High Cost of Commodity we all believe now that People in front who Supposed to Talk For Us Are The People who Are Against Poor People Of There own country Instead…

  9. Edward Havuluma

    That is why you don’t allow ECL to leave the office while in campaigning time?? Your clever but you can’t see us how we’re Suffering from Hunger High Cost of Commodity we all believe now that People in front who Supposed to Talk For Us Are The People who Are Against Poor People Of There own country Instead…Then There is NO Need Of Voting Let’s Go Ahead With Your Corrupt Reader

  10. Jeff colby

    Mr. Garry Mgombo, I salute you though am not a upnd member. Well spoken indeed. If there many of u thinking like that , yo party can change for the better. Much more I salute u.

  11. CTC

    The biggest problem with upnd is that they believe their lies and expect every Zambian to agree with these lies. The lies about corruption, poverty are not true as every Zambian realises that the slowing economy is partly due to the heavy borrowing and the global economic slowdown. But Zambians see the hospitals, roads, bridges etc and know that’s where the money went and not in PF pockets. Every country goes through a slowdown and it takes a concerted effort of both citizens and leadership to come out of it. Upnd foolishly think they can decieve citizens into believing that they will magically improve everything by removing PF from power-something Zambians are not convinced about!!

    • HaHa 😂

      CTC borrowing is the problem that needs to be blamed on pf as a mismanagement. When upnd tell people they’ll improve everything they are showing confidence that they can run the country properly.

    • Zuph

      This is the only sensable observation ive come across. It is good to have people that can reason sober like you.

  12. Lethal Weapon

    Gold is still being stolen in mwinilunga by p.f,42 fire tenders at 1million dollars each,the mukula tree scandal,ambulances scandal, corruption in road and infrastructure projects,48 houses without a known owner….this is the corruption that we all see but foolishly choose to vote for thieves over and over again…it’s not upnd at fault.
    The justice system is non existent as we all saw how they handled the elections results petition of the 2016 election and again it’s not upnd at fault.

  13. King cool

    Corruption, cannot be stopped , HH did the corruption, what can he say about changing the country, unless if He was not in a corruption group, yes we know that things are tough, but ECL has tried, Lusaka is now looking like a capital city of Zambia, who thought that John Laing compound can have piped water? Chiluba failed, Levy failed, Rupiya Banda failed.look in townships!! Everywhere you look is new infrastructure, what can we say!! Let ECL finish.

    • HaHa 😂

      @King cool you are too dumb, anyone who could have become president other than lungu in 2014 or 2016 would have done those things u have mentioned. Some things are just products of time or developments with time, as time moves and changes so do other things. During chiluba levy rupiah the focus was just different, they did what was to be done with what they could use at hand to provide for the people. Time is the real development, the future is all about developmental changes, keep this in mind.

  14. SEE MIND

    Clever mind Hon. Nkombo, without strategy campaign UPND very faaaar to win next GE 2021. Change strategy of campaign maybe ??????

  15. Mwiima katoto

    At king cool, l totally agree with you, pipo are not interested in corruption, fire tenders or mukuba tree, thy want to see more roads in communities, health facilities, better schools, universities and so on and so forth which the pf is doing at the moment. Politics of insults will never take the opposition anywhere. Give praise where it is due.

  16. Filungula Namenshi

    HH does not want to spend his money to fund campaigns. That is the reason why he restricts his presence in urban areas where he can find people with money to use. Look at Depark Patel. He was used to entice his fellow Zambian asias for funding for the last campaign and this time he will be compelled to use his money.

  17. Filungula Namenshi

    @HaHa this is exactly what Garry was saying. “We always blame the system, but are we doing to correct it”. The problem is that HH does not allow anyone in the party with a plan to bring it forward, that person is perceived as a challenger. People are scared to bring up new ideas in UPND. What HH says it taken as gospel truth and must followed without questions.

    • HaHa 😂

      Filungula Namenshi you are making false accusations about hh, you’re twisting things up, hh makes most of the decisions because his the president, the top dog, it’s he’s responsibility to lead. His party friends also get involved in making decisions but being a president you need to take a stand and be confident to lead and make most of the decisions and of course you need to hear out your party friends’ advice and insights

  18. Felix

    It’s not HH! Who lose out.He is already reach! Shame on you who is poor!!.

  19. Niso Kodibba

    In any entity there are problems and when problems arises they are solved by management. Even in pf problems do arise. Don’t create propaganda over nkombo s words. UPND just needs to check on there electrol strategies & tactics after loosing buy elections then become more united, coordinated, organized and move forward.. 2021 is HH s year nabamunthu baziwa that’s why balimu pressure .they don’t want him to stand…

  20. Sakala Moses

    Zambia will never develop because someone in front is lucking delegation if u know u know

  21. Lethal Weapon

    Conclusion…HH is already rich,he can do without this dirt…most of us Zambians are still struggling and have more to lose if we allow this corrupt,dirty and reckless regime to take us to Zimbabwe or Congo D.R economic levels….

  22. MWANKS2021

    I have come to conclude that most Zambians enjoy mediocre leadership. That is why they removed a fairly decent man RB and replaced him to SATA. Instead of voting for HH, they went for the humble ECL. You see most Zambians identify with either mediocrity , kaponyalism or tribalism. A candidate like HH who does not have these qualities will find it hard to land State House. For me i have given up on Zambian politics because i dont need politics in my life. Zambia is a KAPONYA oriented country and SO IT SHALL REMAIN… GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK

  23. palata

    I think upnd should pull their strategies when it comes to elections because pf is always fond of steeling Zambia needs pipo with a great vision to change it 👉

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