Politicians Should Stop Misinforming Public About Online Voter Pre-Registration – ECZ

Lusaka ~ Wed, 23 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The Electoral Commission of Zambia had captured 16,500 voters by Monday, September 21, following the launch of the online voter pre-registration exercise.

Electoral Commission of Zambia Chief Executive Officer Patrick Nshindano disclosed during a joint press briefing at Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya’s office on Tuesday that the online pre-registration exercise kicked off on a successful note.

He said the commission was hoping to capture as many as possible within the stipulated time.

Mr Nshindano has since appealed to political parties to avoid misinforming the public about the online pre-registration process which he said will facilitate quick registration of voters.

He also clarified that there will be a new voters’ card issued with improved security features and that the old one will not be used.



  1. X4

    Evrythng has gon digital nw ,thiz confusions ar only in zambia whre a certain political party whch has bin oposition 4 decades nw want to ascend to power thru shortcuts .


    Your report lacks credit. Which politicians in particular are you referring to??????
    We appreciate the system is 💯% perfect. Ka hatred tekasuma bane. HH has not misinformed anyone, Infact you’re the one misinforming us on this issue bamambala. Truth be told we are tired of this Government. Change is inevitable……

  3. FBE

    I don’t know what kind of foolishness in ecz, what’s wrong with old registration?,why did you change registration period if you know not everyone can register due to insufficient time? Don’t treat us like chicken that can’t tell that this food is poisonous. What the hell

  4. mamamama

    ECZ hasn’t mention anyone here but someone is saying they should leave HH alone. Why of all the opposition leaders must this Analyticus start defending HH? Is it because he knows it’s HH who is paying people to oppose the issue of coming up with a all brand new voters register?

  5. Wandi

    This move is great and must be supported. We cannot be using the same register for over a decade. Those who are computer illiterate will register in the same old tradition. Move on with modernity, this is 21st Century.

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