Court | HH’s Case Against Me Lacks Sufficient Particulars, Says Nawakwi

Lusaka ~ Thur, 24 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

Forum for Democracy and Development leader Ms Edith Nawakwi has submitted before court that the case in which UPND president Mr Hakainde Hichilema sued her for libel lacks sufficient particulars to enable her settle a meaningful defence.

Mr Hichilema has in this case sued Ms Nawakwi over allegations that he sold a house which belonged to Lima Bank in Kabulonga during the privatization programme to himself and further personally benefitted from the sale of other assets.

Ms Nawakwi’s lawyer Mr Chifumu Banda, State Counsel, has filed an affidavit in support of summons for an order for further and better particulars, stating that he authored a letter to Hichilema’s lawyers requesting for further and better particulars because the ones filed before court were not sufficient to enable the defendant to file her defence.

Mr Hichilema has sued Ms Nawakwi, demanding damages for alleged libel following the latter’s appearance on the Hot Seat Programme on Hot FM and Kwithu FM on August 27, 2020 in relation to the acquisition of a house on Servel road in Lusaka.

The opposition leader is also claiming aggravated and exemplary damages and an order directing the defendant to retract the defamatory words and an order of injunction to restrain Ms Nawakwi, her agents, servants and whomsoever from further defaming him or publishing similar defamatory words.

Additionally, Mr Nawakwi is demanding reimbursement of the money expended in mitigating the alleged effect of Ms Nawakwi’s statement towards him.


  1. j sakala

    Check the last paragraph. Is it Mr Nawakwi or Mr Hichilema.

  2. JMS

    Nowander a woman has been classified as a weaker vessel due to weak statements which may lead the owner to be hocked up in her coner, yes because what you have received from HH you deceve it, due to luck of planning. Think before doing anything otherwise your status will be lowered, mind you you are a President somewhere.

    • HaHa 😂

      Nawakwi is simply just “The Girl Who Cried Privatization’

    • SIbanawekute & Associates

      Who is next?
      Former National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary General Mwenya Musenge says he regrets leaving the opposition party to dine with the visionless PF.
      Musenge further says he feel used and dumped by the ruling party as he has no access to government contracts anymore for his struggling businesses.
      “To be honest, I regret the move I made to bring that confusion in NDC which almost led to the deregistration of the party. I have lost many friends during that period and even now, many people still consider me a traitor and yet I don’t have friends in PF. PF is now full of MMD cadres whom we voted out in 2011,” says Musenge who sounded repentant.

  3. Kambwili

    HH must be ashamed of himself. Insoni e buntu Ba HH.

  4. Robby Chola

    Bushe kwena teti mwapwishanyafye pa phone? We interested in hearing about positive issues regarding people’s wellbeing countrywide. NOT IFYO TAFYAKATWAFWE FWEBALANDA.

  5. Robby Chola

    We are interested….

  6. John Phiri

    What happened to all the evidence she said she had? She welcomed the court case saying she would present her evidence. Now she is running away by looking for technicalities? It is abundantly clear that UPND is the only opposition we have. The rest lack morals, principles and direction. Nawakwi is hungry. You cant lead a nation on an empty stomach.

  7. Niso Kodibba

    HH just forgive nawankwi and forget about that issue.you know how women are..bagirlo they are easily influenced and used. Osavutana nabakazi baba.. Concentrate on coordinating ,uniting and organising your party..2021 is very -very near we want u in statehouse.

    • Edward Havuluma

      That is a very good idea bro! The only problem with people if he forgive her someone again I’ll start the same behavior so let her be Baptize for her not to repeat the same mistakes and for those who were influencing her to learn a lesson that it’s not good to do something in the behalf of somebody

  8. King cool

    A guilty is always afraid, HH court to court, we want to hear how the economy and the dollar will come down, not going to court with a pet issue, for that matter HH claims to be the Elder of the SDA church. A lead should learn to forgive and criticism. HH He is still a baby in politics, copy from Mr SATA

  9. King cool

    A guilty is always afraid, HH court to court, we want to hear how the economy and the dollar will come down, not going to court with a pet issue, for that matter HH claims to be the Elder of the SDA church. A leader should learn to forgive and criticism. HH He is still a baby in politics, copy from Mr SATA

  10. Chendabusiku

    This in part supports my first impression when I ready the submission fro HH’s camp. In fact it also confirms why these guys lose cases and blame it on judges. What would Nawakwi be defending? The main reason for taking this case to court is just to tell people do not talk about this privatization issue.

    • John Phiri

      Why cant she produce evidence to shut HH up once and for all? Zambians need hope of a better life not politics of slander and name calling. Please tell your aunty to produce the evidence she said she has.

  11. 2yk

    HH is Professional Criminal

    • Kambwili

      Nawakwi is not hungry. Whoever says she is hungry that is why she is saying all these, is mistaken. Give her chance to rule this nation, you will never vote for a male President. She wants to teach Zambian decent leaderships. Watch it Zambians.

      • John Phiri

        She failed as a minister during privatisation, she has failed at Legana, how will she succeed with Zambia?

  12. nshilimubemba

    Roby Chola , cases like this one cannot be settled on personal basis or on phone calls as this issue affects all Zambians at large, it is the most un wise thing to sweep privatization case under the carpet, if you have nothing to say just keep quite.
    Our Zambian economy is where it is because of the looting of national asserts by those in trusted to solve our nation’s problems but unfortunately they had a field day to enrich themselves.
    These people we have before us have the keys to the Zambian prosperity if they could give back what they looted from us we should pursue them until they give back what looted from us Zambians.

  13. Zed political analyst

    We are tired of this story.. Please mama nawakwi concetrate on something else.. U said u have evidence if u are serious,go to court and see this through! if u cant! dnt ever say anythng to defame anyone.. HH TO PLOT ONE KWASILA!

  14. HaHa 😂

    People who support and would vote for nawakwi are brainless. We have important things to handle in our country and there is a little girl busy making noise, can a little girl be hard to handle? NO! HH just needs to ignore the little girl yelping. ‘The Girl Who Cried Privatization’ 😁😂😉

  15. K2


  16. KWINDI

    Nawakwi was a finance minister by then where was she? How many Presidents since chiluba gone but today this beach come to disturb the nation she is a fool nganamulyamo from pf just eat stop this stupidity just get married so that you can consentret toake your husband happy

  17. I worked in finance department of LIMA bank. HH did get that house through third party's transfer. He shall not try his luck. too far. Cooper's and Lybrand were liquidators and they sold the house to HH's holder and ultimate transfer to HH. The transaction was done under Chiluba's empowerment program and Coppers and Lybrand were auditors, used their influence to sell the house to the FRONT who then transferred to HH

    Name are comments. Go to Land to see the truth. Get hold of Mrs Miti whose husband was CEI of LUMA bank at material time. Check Miti owning houses in Kisaka ( through late husband)

  18. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    For those who wants HH to forgive Ms Nawakwi,first you should consider the grade of the matter. Nawakwi was sued for deformation. Nawakwi said she has all evidence proving that,HH is the one sold the government properties. When she was the minister of finance. Am sure she is right. Her office by then,she had means to stop the procces not to procced. Lungu was a lawyer, he allowed it. He asured the goverment that all was well. Let mr lungu help nawakwi to produce the evidence before the court of. These two they played a major role in the privitazation procces. You want her to be forgiven,gave you proved her a liar? HH is a human being like you or anybody else. And he is not the only one goes to church or the only elder. You call this nation a Christian nation.Do you mean HH alone? Is Naeakwi not going to church,or is she not also a political leader? Even the president himself, is not going to church or is not a political leader? But they all forge force allegations against HH. If Nawakwi wants forgiveness, let her tell the nation the truth about this matter. The nation wants ti know who is responsible in this matter after many years. Shame to you guys. Tell madam Nawakwi to apologise to HH. Nawakwi knows matter even without amendment of the filed documents. She knows the matter better than the documents has. This shows guiltiness. If she confess,then she can be forgiven. No sin is beyond forgiveness. Mind you,Movement for National Democracy (MND) is around the corner. With my givernment,there shall be no injustice as it is now.

  19. Chansa

    No, no, no, Ba Edith. Just go to court and display all the evidence against HH. I really trust you have. We all have that ZNBC video where you categorically stated that you have all the evidence, mama. Bring it on and the courts will be able to decide who is wrong or write. We do not need this mob judgement, need maturity.

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