Crime | More Nyau Dancers Arrested Over Colleague’s Murder

The number of Nyau dancers arrested in connection with the murder of their colleague who burnt down the Nyau hideout locally known as Dambwe at Vwala village in Chief Chikuwe area of Kasenengwa District has risen to six.

This followed the arrest of two more suspects by Police yesterday.

Eastern Province police Commissioner Luckson Sakala said the six suspects are detained at Chipata Central Police station.

Mr Sakala said the suspects will soon be charged while others will be turned into state witnesses.

Chipateni Soko was tortured by the dancers after he burnt down the Dambwe on Thursday and succumbed to the wounds on Friday.

During burial at Vwala grave yard some people sung songs denouncing the traditional dancers.

The villagers vented their anger on the reconstructed Dambwe which they set ablaze and destroyed drums.


  1. JMS

    How have you handled the leader of that Dambwe or nyau station?

  2. Bm

    Satanism at its cost.

  3. Robby Chola

    What relevance is this nyau thing to the Zambian economy? why take someone’s life over such a move? What benefit have you recorded for killing our own brother, own blood, own relative, fellow tribesman , citizen etc? mwatusebanya guys.

  4. Niso Kodibba

    Kabiyeni uko nefinyau fyenu bakuchipata,mwatampako ukwipayana kwati fipuba atase.

  5. Augustine Mulenga

    A TEMBO, a Banda you people so you treasure so much than human life ,game I won’t visit your kumawa

  6. Triple h

    They should face the reality …

  7. Vilimala.p

    That’s bad habbit ,so they supposed to be punished

  8. Kelvin


  9. moses mumba

    mubakande bonse bamweneko kutumpa sana ubumi bwamuntu ebo bengacita so kwati fyalipena ifyabupuba mulimbwa sana

  10. moses mumba

    bakafisale fye nefinyau kutumpa

  11. Osward kunda

    Twalemona kwati mwalikwata amano mweba kuchipata kanshi mulifipuba kuti mwaipaya umunenu pamulandu nyau dance bamikande bonse

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