No Cops Were Present When Cadres Destroyed UPND Vehicle In Kasama, Say Police

Lusaka ~ Thur, 24 Sept 2020

The Zambia Police Service has said no police officers were in the vicinity when PF cadres in Kasama damaged a UPND vehicle at Shoprite during the Lukashya parliamentary by-election.

Police spokesperson Mrs Esther Mwaata Katongo stated that it was not correct to say that police officers stood by and did nothing when cadres destroyed a UPND vehicle.

“There were no police officers in the vicinity where the fracas happened except for an officer who was performing guard duties at a nearby Bank. The officer the women were referring to in the video was the one who was guarding the Bank and another vehicle which was passing by with only one officer who did not know what was happening at shoprite,” Mrs Katongo stated.

She said the officer at the Bank could not leave because that was a sensitive vital institution but he communicated the information to command in the area and officers were dispatched to manage the situation, which led to the arrest of two suspects.

“As Police, we immediately communicated to the public through various media institutions what had transpired on the ground on the material day but surprisingly, some people have decided to move on with propaganda,” Mrs Katongo said.

“It is disappointing that Dr Nevers Mumba has also decided to throw his weight behind people peddling unverified information through social media without him seeking verification on what had transpired.”


  1. If not

    Thanks for your clarification on the matter Madam, as for Nevers Mumba he is just a frustrated politician failing to return to the pulpit.

  2. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    Even if police were present nothing could have happened kabili they are also PF cadars

  3. Musyani

    This is not true in the video you can see a land cruiser with police just passing by,then why must a police officer be guarding a private premise,the bank is supposed to have there on guards not using police to guard a private institution.

  4. JMS

    As mwata’s statement claiming and detarmiined to support the people who should have maintained the situation is tataly unacceptable, sometimes apologize rather than being stubborn because you are in uniform or being backed by someone. Coming to the case which respectful president/Man of God, its shame people don’t need reality because before and biblelicaly the truth is needed but unfortunately these people seen wareing trousers and 👗 have come to destroy the will of God nomatter how you tell them or blame them they will even punish you in the presses of the almighty, please God forgive them they don’t know what they are doing.


    If u police whatever wil nt be arresting these cadres wen they do wrong this volence wil never come 2 an end and during elections u police ar nt ment to be in office u suppose 2 be monitering area’s were cadres go 2 prevent such from happening.

  6. Wandalama

    Are you trying to fool as there was a traffic patrol car full of officer’s parked out side the premises and a cruiser full of officer’s anyway we can’t say much you are just a puppet


    Who’s got higher authority betwen u police and the so called cadres,bcoz with their behaviours other policemen hav no say to dem. they do watever they want en wenever they want.why cant u show dem who’s boss by teaching them a lesson 2 end their stupidity

  8. Niso Kodibba

    Long time ago youths were recruited under national service-it was good for the nation. Now due to unemployment, youths are recruited as cadres.if we are not careful and stop this calamity, next youths will be recruited as labels and terralists in Zambia.e.g gassing issue..Zambian leaders please stop this trend its not helping our beautiful country but baddening it and increasing poverty.

  9. King cool

    Why didn’t He packed at the police station for safety? Fault founder, question!!!

  10. JMS

    Just the mentioning of shoprite store tells the weakness of police officers. I may believe if it occurred in the bush or compound but not, shame. Zambians if you keep on watching these things occuring while watching then we will all be accounted for, and shame will be upon all those responsible although that time they may hide themselves, please we need change for better not for worse.

  11. Useless leaders in Zambia

    Esther K please stop pretending not to have watched the video, the nation and the world at large saw what happened on that particular day. The truth is that police officers not 3 not 4 but more than 5 wre present at the crime scene, coz there was a police land cruiser with about 4 officers in it and the other one came full of police officers but they could not do anything because as it is now, cadres have so much powers than the so called police officers. So please stop being a nuisance and begin to to do what is right before its too late

  12. Luapula

    Don’t worry Bally will fix it,the broken vehicle,

  13. Banja

    Oh yes no Zambia Police were present. It was PF cadres driving a ZP Land cruiser armed and in police uniform who saw the destruction and upon recognising one of their own a PF cadre they turned a blind eye. Even the ZP single cab was being driven by cadres. This is what happens when a country has gone to the dogs.

  14. Davies Sichamba


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