Vespers’ Family Gets K500,000 Compensation

Lusaka ~ Thur, 24 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The family of fourth year UNZA student Vespers Shimuzhila has finally been compensated by the state with K500,000.

Vespers, who was a student in the school of education, was killed at campus on 5th October, 2018 during a riot when police officers threw teargas in her room where she and her colleagues sought refuge.

Her father Mr Davison Shimuzhila has confirmed that the family has received K500,000 compensation ordered by the court, which was paid in instalments, according to Diamond TV.


  1. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    Why even paying in installments? Just pay cash

  2. Gary Chizu

    Life is not equal to money you mean those who teargassed this beautiful Lady there free this government

  3. Hezron

    One thing is remaining “JUSTICE…….!!!”

  4. If not

    I urge Vesper’s parents to buy a house in Lusaka, put it on rent in her memories. As you keep receiving those rentals it will be a reminder of her forever. MHSRIEP

    • Arnold Nsofwa

      Thats true they need to buy samething that can keep memories .

  5. If not

    If you spend it on food and little things, soon you will forget.

  6. If not

    Which instalments this is a full payment according to a court order.

  7. Chanda

    What is K500,000. This was a life full of promise and governmnet pays K500,000. Atase! Compensate the family properly imwe bangwele. At least K5 million

  8. Lion


  9. Wisdom

    In the weldi pa zed

  10. Kennias

    Can you equate K500,000 with a human being , Court why ?

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