ECZ Working On Framework For Voting Of Prisons

Lusaka ~ Fri, 25 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The quest for prisoners to vote in the 2021 General Election depends on facilitating voting modalities in Correctional facilities, Vice President Inonge Wina has said.

Speaking during the Question for Oral Answer Session in Parliament on Thursday, Wina said the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is currently working on voting modalities.

The vice president said when she responded to UPND Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwimbu who wanted to know if prisoners will vote in 2021 that government has not given any time frame to the ECZ regarding the actualisation of the modalities.

Presently, prisoners in Zambia have been legally given the right to vote.


  1. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    Rigging in progress we know you kabili we don’t know the exactly number of prisoners

  2. JMS

    We don’t blame offereders but the motive which makes them to do so is lowlessness in thinking and if a person has that lowlessness minds shouldn’t be allowed in selection of such an important matter unless their is something wrong with legislature, judiciary are people who mainly mantain the rightness or wrongness of the legislature mainly the current regime. Its unfortunate due to the wrong or good type of governance will determine how judiciary may work.

  3. JMS

    Small minds? Why do we find small minds in so called nonaligned nations or governments where they sim to support eighter the West nor the East but in reality are middle men who cry louder for helpe from both beging and misusing at the same time. That isn’t the right but the wrong.(mistaken identity) Go on women taping what God made you to be women.

  4. CarryMyBallzBitch

    These fuckers definitely want to rig the election next year.

  5. JMS

    A prisoner is a non voter,lower people.

  6. JMS

    Legislature, judiciary mainly the president/advisors useless.

  7. JMS

    I need a proper zambian to respond to me,the speaker,minister of justice which justice are you saying?

  8. JMS

    This is a very good chance to prove to them that even the biil 10 UPND are refusing is a good Idea for UPND to do so.

  9. JMS

    Lubinda minister of justice what justice in which country where UPND as our defenders are to be,Tutwa Gulube the so called lawyer which law tells you that prisoners have the right to vote never having the freedom of visiting their relatives, friends etc, inonge ? prisoners? Offenders? Criminals? Then who is wise if its just the wise who vote, if not being careful the country will of criminals because their won’t be the defferent between criminals and innocent citizens thats why criminals are being I involved in criminal activities without shame because the law permits that.

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