Zambians Anxious About 2021 Budget – SACCORD

Lusaka ~ Fri, 25 Sept 2020
By ZR Reporter

SACCORD has said there is no doubt that most Zambians are anxious to understand how the government will address various economic sectors affected by the Covid-19 pandemic from which they operate.
SACCRD executive director Boniface Cheembe has said his organisation therefore expects the budget presentation to take into consideration the serious COVID-19 pandemic reality that the country faces.
“We expect the Minister of Finance to provide budgetary allocation of relief to key sectors of the economy such as agriculture, but also key economic entities such as the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) that are paramount in the economy. We further expect the Minister of Finance to address key policy issues on the economic recovery strategy and empowerment of ordinary Zambians that the government has put in place to assist the country and Zambians overcome economic challenges,” Mr Cheembe said in a statement to Zambia Reports.
He stated that the 2021 is an important year for the country as the nation will be holding the general elections as part of the country’s democratic dispensation.

“We expect the Minister of Finance to provide adequate allocation to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) the body responsible for conducting elections so that the Commission is able to effectively and efficiently preside over the nation’s important electoral process and thereby reduce anxiety. We further expect the Minister to provide adequate support to the Department of National Registration Cards (DNRCs) so that Zambians eligible to have an NRC get to acquire one and ultimately be in a position to participate in the governance and democratic process of their country,” Mr Cheembe said.
“SACCORD further hopes that the budget presentation will consider the need to have adequate resources toward the maintenance of public peace, safety, and security so that the country is properly protected, and the safety of the citizens assured. We also expect that other sectors such as decentralization which is important for improving service delivery and governance in the country will be provided with the necessary budget support.”


  1. Gideon Nyondo

    I like the point.which says the maintenance of public peace,safety,and security so that the country is properly protected,and the safety of the citizens assured.I think that so .God bless you

  2. Holyshit!

    PF govt has failed, failures!!! Don’t only put the whole blame on the covid19 pandemic, you have obviously failed to manage the economy of the country.

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