MMD Rejects ECZ’s Request For A Meeting With Nevers

Lusaka ~ Sat, 26 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has rejected the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)’s request that party president Nevers Mumba appears without fail, after he was summoned following his allegations of rigging in the Lukashya and Mwansabombwe by-elections.

In a letter addressed to Dr. Mumba, ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano requested Dr. Mumba to appear before the ECZ on Friday at 14 hours at the ECZ Headquarters.

“Following allegations of rigging in the just ended Lukashya By-Elections made by yourself, you are requested to appear before the Commission without fail at 14 hours,” the letter read in part.

However, MMD National Secretary Mrs Elizabeth Chitika, in response, stated that neither ECZ nor Nshindano have the authority to summon anyone as they are not a Court of law.

“I write to inform you that President Mumba is not available and will be unable to appear before you. However, even if he was around, he would never come to your office as demanded by you since you are not a Court,” Mrs Chitika stated in part.


  1. The One and Only

    Nevers Mumba shouldn’t go there. He made an allegation and he has a right to it. Freedom of speech

  2. Whiteson Zulu

    Freedom of speech freedom of speech freedom of speech freedom of speech…. what is speech? Power of speaking…. freedom of power of speaking. Even an accusation is freedom of speech, you accuse some, you should be left alone ’cause you are excersing freedom of speech, you are excersing your power of speaking.

  3. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    This is intimidation. The ECZ has no capacity to sumon Mr Mumba for whatsoever. Nevers mumba has a right to complain even to pertition. Why calling him to their office inseated of court?

  4. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Mr you’re missing the concept. Freedom of speach is the expression of how you understand the matter against you or in behalf of someone. You say it the you feel it is. If it’s wrong,you say its wrong. If its good, you say it’s good,OE if its unfair,you say it’s unfaire without fear. If you feel to say” he/she is a thief,you it that way. If you can’t prove it,thus when you’re wrong. But you still have a right to express your feeling of nature about the matter. Mr Mumba exercised he right of expression. So up to the ecz to prove him wrong in the court of law. Not calling him to their office. This is enterfesring in the matter. Anything can happen there. Corruption has a room there or any. Mumba has no reason to go there.

  5. Whiteson Zulu

    Dorfrlyn Sojin, Did you hear what you said?… just listen: “…If you feel to say” he/she is a thief,you it that way. If you can’t prove it,thus when you’re wrong. But you still have a right to express your feeling of nature about the matter….” That was you? Really?

  6. Chendabusiku

    This is interesting, the Ecz was in acted by the act of parliament to over see matters patterning to elections in the land. This is the time they need to understand how far they can go in this matter. Any aggrieved person may probably need to go to either court or report to police. Whatever the case may be Pastor Mumba would have done himself and his political party a big favor by gathering his evidence and reporting it to the relevant authorities. Without the proper channels we will remain a nation of yappers and rumour mongerers, as well as compromised standards of doing things. Could this be the kind of behavior on the party pastor Mumba why the late LPM fired him? Just wondering?

  7. X4

    Wy shud mumba fail to apear b4 ecz?he knws th allegations he is makin against th comision ar untrue nd tartumount to a chag.mumba shudnt teeze us as if we ar part of hs family,if he thnks mmd can bounce bak to power thn he is greatly mistaken.i knw most of u would hav comented positivly if it ws HH hu summoned ECz.

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