Police Say There’s No Recruitment At The Moment

Lusaka ~ Sat, 26 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The Zambia Police Service says there is no police recruitment at the moment.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo stated that the service has not carried any advertisement on recruitment.

“We wish to re-emphasise our earlier statement that the Zambia Police Service is not conducting any recruitment at the moment. There are cases which are still under investigation in which unsuspecting members of the public are being deceived by fraudsters through social media that the institution is recruiting officers,” Mrs Katongo stated.

She stated that all adverts on social media that talk about police recruitment are fake.

“Some posts are even suggesting that people take application letters to offices which, in itself, is a security risk as one may land themselves in the hands of criminals and may end up being attacked. We want to make it clear that the Zambia Police has not carried any advertisement on recruitment hence all adverts and information circulating on social media about recruitment in the police service is fake and should be treated as such,” Mrs Katongo stated.

She advised members of the public to wait for advertisements which are usually placed in traditional media (Print, Television and Radio) with a clear guide on how applications should be submitted.

Katongo reminded members of the public that all those that are offering to render help to people that want to join the service are fraudsters with the aim of defrauding the public.


  1. muntu wandi

    When are you Going to recruit ba buzyu

  2. frolence

    for health information

  3. GiftTapela

    So when are you going to recruit

  4. Chi

    We only see the pass out(Kaya what they call that ceremony) who knew about the ZAF recruitment? Even the same police? It’s us that don’t have connections that will suffer more.

  5. sharreal

    when the police officers will be recruited?dont leave me please Call me 0962050917.

  6. Ronald kanshambala

    It just my passion to join the service so please don’t leave me 0960139577 or 0972305790

  7. Kay chibwe

    My prayer is to get recruited please help.0972440108 or 0763419961

  8. Ndawa emmanuel

    Comment Please let’s not abuse the media with fake post some things are sensetive and they alarm situitions so let’s all wait for the unctual moment to come thank.


    Please notify us when you start the recruitment

    • John vunda

      When the police start the recruiter plz help me

  10. John vunda

    When the police start the recruiter plz help me

  11. Nsakasha

    It’s my disire to join police service inform me the time it will start

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