Lusaka ~ Sat, 26 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

UPND supporters and followers on facebook mocked UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for appreciating the 2021 national budget which has raised PAYE exempt threshold to K4,000.

The supporters told him that if the budget was progressive, then there was no need of changing government.

Others posted that it could be that the PF had now put their house in order and ready to govern and improve the livelihood of Zambians.

Another supporter said HH should just continue in opposition even after 2021 with his oversight role.

But few others claimed the account could have been hacked and wondered what had become of HH.

After sensing that most of his supporters were seemingly unhappy, he deleted the post and posted another one.

“We shall provide an analysis of the budget and offer better alternatives for the benefit of the Zambian people,” he said.

And US based staunch UPND supporter George Mtonga who had re-posted HH’s earlier comment went mute as the post automatically got deleted from his page.


  1. I Don't Care

    HH is still my choice next no matter what

  2. I Don't Care

    HH is still my choice next year no matter what

  3. Overseer

    Am sure he was not really really appreciating it, he was just rather being ridiculously ironic

  4. Dent

    hh has been there for us and he is still there for us, why should we criticize him for just making a rather funny mockery at pf’s mismanagement, we won’t turn our backs against him, he’s just a human like the rest of us and we can all make mistakes bcoz we ain’t perfect. He is still the man we know, a confident brilliant genius, however good u can describe him

    • Chanda


      • TLJ

        I like your reasoning bro. Thats the way a well meaning citizen should reasoning. Its soccer where we behave like “even if we win or lose I am forever Man U or Chelsea”. Thats ridiculous. Thank God we still have people who think like you do.

      • Teteson

        So what is wrong with HH appreciating the progress people please decided not kwalola umwela ekomwalola.

      • that is the truth about this


      • Francis mushota


      • John samakayi


      • Real

        On point my bro

  5. HH 2K21

    HH 2021, forwardyyyyyyyyy………..

  6. Lolwe

    This is just propaganda. HH a landa ifya maano each time. He has vision for Zambia and not a mwankole type.

    • Mm

      Applicient were it is due that’s the way to go. Be strong HH even yo followers what you to fail

  7. Banana

    Give us Bally iwe ndani

  8. Don't kulaba

    It’s forward chabe

  9. Adjudicator

    We can’t turn against hh, we admire him. One Bally, One HH

  10. Lethal Weapon

    The only reason pipo from Luapula,Noethern and Eastern provinces don’t vote for HH is because they feel a president can only come from those regions.
    My suggestion is that we from the other regions should support each other aswel.. for some of us with companies, only employ people from our ally regions…
    Lets also start fighting for dividing this country into Northern Zambia and Southern Zambia because I am convinced we can’t co-exist….

    • Simple

      Ummm, thus tribal remarks. U can do better

    • Eyes

      The most useless contribution I have ever read.

    • Judith Lombe

      Is Zambia not a Christian Nation? So you must believe what is written in the Bible. And is it not written that ALL leaders are appointed by GOD? So if you have issues with Gods choice of leadership, take it up with Him simple, after all it is written that you can state your case before God – tapali abakukenye. Don’t post rubbish and stand in Church pa Sunday singing praises to the same God you ridicue with comments like this. Is it not by Gods grace that you even have a company to brag about? And is it not God who said ALL wealth belongs to Him, and He will give it to whoever He pleases, including you? Eyi tweba ati boasting yanjala. Learn from the rich fool and what became of him after bragging about his wealth. You definitely lack wisdom and reverence for the Lord God Almighty. We are all Zambians chapwa. If you don’t want to buy into this philosophy, migrate, no one will most certainly stop you.

    • People

      No sence, childish, and uncivilized comment. In Luapula, Northern, and Eastern provinces there a lot of UPND members who want to see change in our Country. Such tribal comments will kill our Party. We do not need people like you. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION

    • Guwa

      The most pathetic contribution. You are not fit to be called a Zambian

    • Christopher

      Shallow minded already you were the three of you which now I doubt if Northwestern is still with you. In many companies were your tribe men are heading that’s what they practice and this is a confirmation that you people from south that’s your policy to disadvantage other equally qualified Zambians Nowander you will remain crying babies until Jesus comes. Am very disappointed with you and your Party

    • Chimar

      He can shoot me in the leg and i will still vote for me 😅😅

    • Mpandamano

      You are tribal, we were Better in Kaunda era than now. No tribe, no regions

    • Dikdak

      Drop this comment bro, it’s ridiculous or apologize to Zambians please.

    • Wisdom

      you have no sense of humour. And so unwise. What would be your motivation of Doing that, selfish intents. Have you ever seen a nation that was divided before without blood shed. Haven’t conceived it in your mind that God is the one who sets and removes kings. What is the truth in what you are saying? You are very unwise and May God cut off you and the people that thinks like you in his Nation Zambia. You’re like cancer and worse still like Covd 19.

    • Wezi Namonje

      Totally un acceptable.

    • Daniel Banda

      Lethal Weapon iyo ni Nkhani ya mukachaso natujilijili.

    • Please don't think like that, were all zambians.

      Ladies and gentlemen don’t distroy our beautiful country .

    • True Zambian

      We supported mwanawasa is he from that region?reasoning awe sure

    • Sajent

      It’s such comments that always bring regionalism,tribalism and nepotism. All zambians need each and we should always promote language that will unite all of us regardless of color,tribe,region etc.

    • Ilinso

      U are very stupid

    • Neutral

      We hav been co-existing since time imemorial,stop that stupid language or creat your own country….united we stand

    • Ng'onga

      CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY. I am from Luapula and am proud to have come from there. Tribe is just a word that’s been misused by shallow minded people, we are all one and we all belong to this One Zambia, leadership comes from the Lord, who created you and I in his own image with a lot of love, not that you are from South or I from Luapula. In his eyes you and I are one. HH is Zambian so is Lungu, Rupiah, Chiluba, Sata, Kaunda, Mwanawasa, so if he is meant to Lead us, according to GOD’S WILL it shall pass. So there’s no need of all that hate remarks towards the three Provinces, no one chooses where they come from, poor or rich, it’s Destiny which places us where we are and from, and I know Destiny can only be Delayed but it can not be changed. Be careful with what you write you might change your voters minds from the three provinces, nibi ebakwete nama valid voters cards. Ala bane inkalamo tayaishibe ati umuntu alafwa ngawamwikata pa mukoshi, muntu wailangile.

      One Zambia, One National 1❤

  11. LONDON

    Governance is about integrity and good management of finances hh cares for the zambin people he accept critics

    • Christopher

      Which zambian people does hh care for when retirees under his company satunia are languishing without pension without forgetting former bp workers. In southern province he chased hundreds of people in Namwala claiming there were squatters leaving them homeless a d now he is asking the same people to vote for him. That’s Madness of the highest order I cry for my ANDERSON Kambela Mazoka

  12. 2021 president


  13. Chisonga mpande

    He is the best choice for all Zambians, that’s why when we go towards elections there are some allegations


    lethal weapon typical tribal there……..

  15. Clergyman

    Forward…. HH

  16. Clergyman

    Shallow minded writer of the above article. Here is an advice:
    Being in opposition doesn’t mean opposing everything. There are good things PF can do better and must be apprec

  17. Laughter

    Forward chabe mweh

  18. Privatization

    I’m wonder why upnd but on social media is always number one Nishi imwe masapota bakwa HH pa media tamwakwata ma voters card

  19. Prince

    H. H is still my favorite prasdent, in 2021 ,

  20. Benny

    One Zambia one nation. Please stop tribalism because our tribe is Zambian. Since we are all Zambian and my advice to those in opposition let us promise the people what will do for them if we form government so that we can create hope to the electorate rather than stupid tribal remarks and cheap politics of stupid accusations.

  21. Privatization

    I wonder y upnd lose election but on social media always wins does it mean that most of you who support upnd on media doesn’t have voters cards or you’re under age?

  22. Mwansa Christopher

    When it’s progressive, it’s progressive, and would not change because you don’t support it… genuine people support things fairly and does not matter who and where it’s coming from.

  23. Privatization

    I’m wonder why upnd always lose elections btut on social media is always number one Nishi imwe masapota bakwa HH pa media tamwakwata ma voters card

  24. Privatization

    I wonder why upnd always lose elections btut on social media is always number one Nishi imwe masapota bakwa HH pa media tamwakwata ma voters card

  25. Rodget man

    Wow ba bally has money infact pa africa . what has he done for zambians . ichikwaka bachimwrna kumampanya don’t vote fo change vote for quality. It like someone is fighting to get a throne minu touching the souls and hearts of people who can put him on the throne. Tekubafye president tulange ubufyashi pafyuma fyobe .dangote has done something bill gates has done someting witj their wealthy maaaan

  26. Paul kalima


  27. Bwandi

    Only idiots in upnd can turn against HH

  28. FuManchu

    if its not propaganda it does not mean it doesn’t call for team change, in the game of soccer a substitution changes the team someways even if its in the lead. It doesn’t also mean that when a good meal has been prepared then the menu must not change! However it’s not only the periodic budgeting that measures performance of a government.

  29. kubweka

    I m sure this is a fake HH page. He speaks sense and looks at things properly. Viva HH viva UPND.

  30. moses mumba

    alifyebwino aletasha ichintu nga naciwama ninshi naciwama

  31. Patriot

    I shudder to think what would happen if Mr Fix It happened to ascend to plot one seat by fluke. With all the above tribal vomit, it gives you a clear picture of the hell those from northern and eastern regions can go through. I’d rather die with Edgar than risk the lives of tribesmen with Mr Fix It.

  32. saimbwende

    takatekepo HH

  33. Pinock

    The budget can be well worked on but the biggest problem is when it comes to the use of money. More money in few people’s pockets not in Zambians pockets.

  34. Bento

    When you are an opposition leader it does not mean everything the government of the day does is a throush NO. But you oppose bad decisions the opponent has done and not good one. K3,300 tax free threshold has been there since President Sata’s reign so it’s something commendable. I stand with HH

  35. Jin ping xu

    Next year this country will be ours, am bringing more of my people come and build cities and take over small businesses.

    • K

      This country belongs to every Zambian, not ati it ll be yours, weather upnd or pf cabonse. If that’s the case with you then the country Will be in wrong hands

  36. Pat

    Hhhhhhh again and again hhhhhhhhhhhhhh and again hhhhhh+2030

  37. Homie

    Personal I don’t see anything wrong with appreciating the budget, for me that is an example of true leadership appreciating when something good has been done…..

    • Fabian Namwando

      If the government said that all workers getting less than 4000 kwacha are exempt from payment of PAYE would the lower income workers jubilate? Tariff adjustment in favor of the poor sure need to be appreciated. This is my opinion.

  38. Malama

    HH is a best candidate in 2021

    • Simple

      I am not a sympathise of hh but on this one I support him. My advise to HH followers…….being in opposition does not means opposing everything. If you do that you will lose credibility. I feel for HH!!!

  39. X4

    Kip on praisn HH on social media whilst team lungu wins in real elections.if hh meant wel for zambia,he would com in th open nd tel his felow blind folowaz th positivs contained in th baget other than reading apraisals whch wll only lead hm to a huge loss nxt year.one funy thing i ve obsevd wth social media z tht a singo peson can b changin names to show th readers tht there ar actualy a thousand folowaz of HH.not untill his candidate scores zero votes at sesa polin stream.

  40. Lethal Weapon

    I won’t apologise for choosing to support pipo from my region and our allies becoz I’m convinced beyond reasonable doubt that pipo from Northern Zambia and those from Southern Zambia can’t exist in peace.
    When Chiti Mukulu,Nkandu Luo,Geofrey Mwamba,Bizwell Mutale and other p.f officials make funny remarks about Tongas,pipo keep quiet….wen I make suggestions to support my own everyone wants to talk…hypocritical idiots.
    At my company I’ll do what I want coz I worked hard to get this far and I will only employ my pipo and our allies….

  41. Kuh Jay

    We have not turned against HH and UPND, we have valid reasons to continue supporting and pushing for the better change.

  42. Mumba

    Let us be judges of character and not regionalism….If you are not a Good Christian believer then you are surrounded by corruption….A good Christian Tonga, Bemba, Nyanja, Lozi, etc will be lead by good Christian values…. So for them they stand by those virtues that please their Creator….So it’s not right to say all Bembas are thieves neither is it right to say all Tonga’s are tribal and vice versa….Let’s support our leaders wisely with love….Let’s also be tolerant towards one another….One Zambia One Nation.

  43. joseph.mwape

    PF have never impremented any budget since they came into power. Viva copperbelt Viva UPND

  44. Pf fun but HH voter

    Well no mater how much fake supporters criticises hh..I am still voting for..and stop saying that HH is only supported on fb..he is support in reality..yes he’s loses but with a very narrow margin..meaning he is supported in reality..eastern province maybe for lungu

  45. Mumba

    We all make choices or have choices…and suffer consequences that we embrace….You can change your preferences but definitely you can not change the other’s…you can entice them but they make their own decisions….Commend good decisions & practices our leaders make, criticise wisely, bad ones, for accountability’s sake…. We respect and give chance to those that we choose and those that do not make it, we wish them well…An opportunity comes someday….No human can tell, only God knows from infinity to infinity….Everyone is a potential leader, just God’s time is a factor….Every Region has a potential President in wait.

    • Neutral

      And I quote:every region has a potential President in wait…brains

  46. Wisdom

    you have no sense of humour. And so unwise. What would be your motivation of Doing that, selfish intents. Have you ever seen a nation that was divided before without blood shed. Haven’t conceived it in your mind that God is the one who sets and removes kings. What is the truth in what you are saying? You are very unwise and May God cut off you and the people that thinks like you in his Nation Zambia. You’re like cancer and worse still like Covd 19.

  47. Mumbai

    HH Chipululu. he has no idea what the Mwankole does during the day bcz he steals at night. By his own admission he say ‘Mwalishipula, mwalilala’ when I sold the mines. He’s a nocturnal operator,
    an Owl, CHIPULULU.

  48. JMS

    Mumbai and the others thats why you have the lowest capability of allowing inmates,bill 10 and other dubious means in our country, you think a wise man like HH can produce and delete that fake useless mangwamured news you are talking of. If you are weak in mind its better you ask bikiloni or difikoti to teach you how to earn money. HH is a perfect person whom we cherish and is eble to build what others haven’t, how can a 5 plus normal person allow prisoners to vote as if he is also a criminal, nonsense,iwe nde kumona.shaa.

  49. JMS

    Check it out, eyes and the others it sims some people don’t reason, lethal weapon is narreting your stupidity of not allowing tribalism now due to low minds you are attacking him as if he is promoting tribalism. Zambians have come to be criminals because criminals don’t reason propely as their minds is full of wrong dids eg allowing prisoners to vote, bill 10, the budget which you are acusing HH to have a hand. Lets go chabe ✋ ✋ ✋.

  50. cb

    Forward with your cattle not innocent Zambian people. HH will never be a president God is my witness

  51. Koswe

    May be hakainde has read national budget for the first time so since he is not educated Mr nkombo explained to him he found budget okay so you fools who are condemning are people who have been deleted from his list of supporters on social media so 2021 it’s. Lungu die before that date idiots

  52. Jj

    So far so good with HH. He sees what is coming (vision). He foresaw the deterioration of the economy under Pf, 1 US $@K20. No need to pretend many Zambians are thriving on daily kongole

  53. adabiba


  54. Isaac Chitupa Chimanga

    I feel the best of HH is yet to come,lets give him the instrument of power 2021, by doing a protest vote by each and everyone who have a progressive mind.

  55. k

    you dont understand hh thus why you are against him.

  56. obm

    the biggest problm with dis page author is dat he don’t understnd hh &is a pf fun that’s why he always blem him

  57. Peter Chungu

    HH is a nation asset, let’s protect him.

    • Francisco

      Don’t believe that all those people who make silly and evil comments of division are genuine citizens NO, believe that from every province, tribe, section and party there are people who think evil and those who think good. So don’t blame regions, tribes , parties, but those particular individuals because they represent their own individual thinking, you can be inclusive in your response if you think evil also; judge yourself where you belong to evil thinkers or good thinkers. Evil thinkers will always bring out evil comments. They are the CAUSE of confusion, agents of the devil. Lets CHANGE our way of thinking to a better one for the good of our beloved well mingling, inter marrying Zambians.

  58. Eddie

    I would rather vote for nothing than pf……
    I don’t see anyone with human sense in pf

  59. Forward

    2021 am dancing, moving forward. No matter what you say, HH has my vote ba mwankole imwe.

  60. K bwalya

    Zambian reports is among useless PF medias like DEADNBC and FOOLISH EAGLES only focusing on an individual 🚮🚮🚮

  61. Ilinso


  62. HH

    Tribal politics is what has made a tribal party like UPND to remain in opposition. It’ll continue to remain so, as long as it has people like you who support it. Otherwise, 2021 is PF which has National character

  63. HH

    The devil you know (PF) is better than the angel (UPND) you don’t see

  64. Whiteson Zulu

    HH, you are right, pf has national character, and for those social media upnds who may not know what it means, pf has crosscutting membership countrywide grass root structures

    Most Zambians are now tired of: 2006 HH will be president; 2011 HH will be president; 2015 HH will be president; 2016 HH will be president, 2021 HH…. is it wamuyayaya ya ya ya….

  65. John samakayi

    Nothing wrong with his comment. HH will be the best for Zambia. Look at Lungu and your Pf where they have taken you. Foreign debt at $15bn, exchange rate at K20 and rising. Muzanya njala manje manje. Meanwhile Lungu and his friends have externalised their cash leaving you bakambwanga nothing.

  66. Romano Simpasa

    Leederships come from God and God raises humble not proud people

  67. Real

    Now, look at the tribal sentiments concerning this small issue, the question am asking myself is we from Chipata, are we going to freely walk the streets if Hi Hi goes into office? Mmmmm I doubt coz these tribal remarks are too strong!!!!!

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