Lusaka ~ Sun, 27 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter
Minister of Home Affairs Stepehn Kampyongo says there can only be one leader at a time and those aspiring to be leaders should give respect to those currently in leadership.

He says leadership is given by God and those that are called to serve should do so with passion, humility and love.

The minister was speaking at Matero Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) Matero congregation during the official welcoming church service of Reverend Penias Mbewe, who was in Chilenje.

Mr Kampyongo, who is also Shiwangandu Member of Parliament, has asked Christians to pray for President Edgar Lungu and his leadership so that they govern with God’s guidance.

And Mr Kampyongo has urged some Zambians not to politicize the National Registration Cards (NRC) mobile registration process.

He said the process is not just meant for people to vote but it is a national identity card which is more important.

Meanwhile, Matero Presbytery moderator Ackson Banda has asked Mr Kampyongo to convey a message from the Church to President Lungu that RCZ was asking for financial help for the RCZ Synod to be held later in the year which will attract about 500 delegates.

“The PF government is a good government and it listens to the people, so we are asking you ba Honorable Kampyongo to tell President Edgar Lungu that we need some financial support for hosting the synod in November,” Mr Banda said.

And Zambia Army Chaplain Reverend Col Shadreck Mwale spoke highly of Reverend Mbewe and asked him to continue with good works and asked Christians to pray for the current leaders in government.

The service was attended by several leaders from RCZ and Lusaka lawyer Dickson Jere was among the invited guests.


  1. If not

    Well said Hon.

  2. Love your neighbor

    Ba politician bena batontonkanya fye ama politics nokutwalilila ukuteka teti balandefye palwakwa less nelyo Bali mu church.

  3. Infinity War

    You are a failed politician kampyongo

  4. X4

    Jst listen to yo nem infinity war,yo brains hold nothin.u ar luck to b born in zambia i wsh i could tek u to cyria wea th gvt doesnt tolerate desrespectful chaps lik u.

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