2020 Has Been A Very Challenging Year – Chanda

Lusaka ~ Mon, 28 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

We still have load shedding today but by March next year, it will be a thing of the past, PF media director Sunday Chanda has said.

And Mr Chanda has said 2020 has been a very challenging year due to COVID-19.

Mr Chanda said when he featured on ‘Policy, Money and Power’ radio programme on Money FM that Zambia was poised to be a net exporter of electricity in the region next year.

He attributed the cause of the massive load shedding being experienced currently to droughts and poor rainfall patterns experienced in 2015.

Meanwhile, Mr Chanda said people underplaying the negative impact of COVID-19 and climate change on the economy were not up to date with reality.

He said 2020 had been “very challenging when it comes to economic performance of the country.”

He said the country experienced drastic reduction in revenue collection and pushed expenditure up because most businesses were forced to close and in some instances, depended on government for survival, as a result of COVID-19.

“When you have drastic reductions in revenue collection and you have businesses trying to survive in the wake of Covid-19 and in some instance depending on government for survival the economy suffers. We had some businesses that closed down due to Covid-19 and workers were
laid off or put on half salary, so anyone underplaying the negative impact of Covid-19 on the economy is not up to date with reality,” he said.

“2020 has been a very challenging year for Zambia and the globe at large. Our economy being commodity driven, means whenever we have low copper prices we see a down ward spiral in revenue and we see the Kwacha losing value. That is why PF has said to itself that we diversify the economy and bring other sectors on the table so that we stop depending on copper. Some of the key factors we have seen has been key policy shift.”


  1. FuManchu

    “Diversification of the economy” has been rhetoric years without end! A tractor gets stuck in the mud only because its operator neither appreciates its might nor understands its capabilities. Governments have come and gone singing the diversification song but never dancing to its rhythm!

  2. Razor

    The dog has barked – puppy to follow…

  3. Agent

    This is just another idiot trying to put all the blame on
    the covid19 pandemic as a reason for economy collapse and falling kwacha value. We won’t buy into this bullshit, u can’t fool us by making us believe that the pandemic is the only cause of all the problems we’re facing. Quite alright it has affected some parts of the economy like tourism, trade in exports and imports and among other things but even if there was no covid19 the economy would still be collapsing bcoz of mismanagement in pf govt. They’ve failed, they’re too selfish, they only help themselves by continuously filling up their pockets. Busy benefiting at the expense of the innocent Zambian people. And u only want to end loadshedding in March next year bcoz we are getting close to elections, we won’t be deceived, we’re now open-minded so there’s no fooling us this time around. We know u, you would start again to loadshed after u have won elections, am not saying u will win but if you were to win u would still continue to loadshed afterwards. We shall not allow u to win.

    • jesse

      if 70% of Zambians were thinking like Agent, this country would have been a better place to live in ….

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