East PF Predicts Lungu Victory In 2021

Lundazi ~ Mon, 28 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter
Officials of the ruling PF in Eastern Province have expressed confidence that President Edgar Lungu and the party will win the 2021 general election.
Petauke Central Member of Parliament Dora Siliya, who addressed party structures and headmen in Lundazi, advised party structures to remain united and continue supporting president Lungu’s vision.
The Information Minister and chief governmentspokesperson, said ordinary people are appreciating the mass developments that the PF government has implemented and said the opposition must give the ruling party chance to finish its projects.


  1. RIP

    Which projects do u have in progress that u need to finish, Rubbish! You’re gone next year, you’re already gone. You’re just trying to give hope to your stupid supporters who u have blinded. There are no mass developments that people are appreciating but you’ve only caused mass economic collapse, mass poverty, mass violence, mass corruption and stealing, the list just keeps on going. Too much catastrophic mismanagement and failures in pf and u do it deliberately. U have a plan in progress to rig elections next year that’s why you’re predicting that lungu will win, but let me tell u something, TAKAPITE!

  2. Ken Sex

    Kikikikikiki…@RIP, think of what you can do Zambia our beloved nation. You will always be a frustrated person if you think the ‘woes’ you are individually facing are as a result of the ruling PF. To the contrary. Let the people who have sense to appreciate what the govt of the day is doing do it. Vivah ECL!!!

  3. Kawasaki

    @RIP, Satana takatekepo

  4. AM

    Tiye tiye the win will be my rejoicing and the scriptures will be fulfilled “cursed is a man that put their trust in man”

  5. saimbwende

    HH satanist, freemanson, privitisation thief, tribalist TAKATEKEPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  6. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    Keep on giving yourself fake hope and continue living in fools paradise

  7. Skylövër

    We will see mad

  8. Razor

    The only place Lungu will win next year is in eastern province so you can keep rejoicing there while the rest of the country moves forward.

  9. Lethal Weapon

    Lungu agwa kale…takaimyange…p.f kuya bebele…and if you want to force matters by rigging or intimidating us,we are ready for you…we are all flesh,bones and blood.

  10. Acky mukah

    Yalishibikwa nokulanda kuposafye inshita kaili ba same of us kuwayawayafye

  11. Lewis Mwape

    Can some help me to understand. Am a liberal person who like any other free Zambian has the right to free choice. Take note am not a cadre ,but a citizen of the Republic. Now when people say “forward” what do they really mean? To what destiny ? Help me understand please!

  12. Lewis Mwape

    Can someone help me to understand please. Am a liberal person who like any other free Zambian has the right to free choice. Take note am not a cadre, but a citizen of the Republic .Now when people say ” forward ” what do they really mean? To which destiny ? Help me understand please! This issue of ” no this one this or next year or that one next ” to me are expressions of personal emotions and are not based on reality thinking. We need to revisit our emotional intelligence and critical thinking. We seem to be preoccupied with our ego and not conscious of the man in the mirror ! Alas,the man in the mirror is a true reflection of our selves . Just on one example if you understand history or if you love reading history , there is a documentary of great inspiration….about the country called America. The title is like ” The men who built America “. This documentary clearly expresses three facts we should too learn from…
    Fact # 1.
    A government does not develop industries, but citizens
    Fact # 2
    Hardships inspires individual innovations and once innovations are nicely natured ,they are transformed into industries and hence employment
    Fact # 3
    Citizens develop their communities and not “foreign investors”. You the local people understand your needs. That foreign inventor has interest only in his profits! Indeed a painful truth hey!
    So my appeal to my brothers and sisters is yes corruption , bad governance and polices are unhealthy and not a good recipe for any country’s development. We should unite against such all.
    Now if you have a people who keeps walking away from a Parliament house every now and then …..in fact let me be straight on this one….. cowards who walk away , instead of standing firm in the house to expose ” polices” and promote good ones how do you “improve” as a Nation ,
    I end for now by sharing a quote from one of the beloved sons of our blessed Africa , President Tabu Mbeki who once advised to say ” a slave cannot go to his master and ask him for a master plan so that he too can also be great . Because the master is there because of the exploitation of the slave ! “( not exact word by word quote. ,but correct message)
    The moral lesson here is let us develop our country ourselves through hard working , good accountability and responsibility.

  13. Muna Dekhane

    Dora Siliya is not telling the truth. People in Lundazi have lost hope in PF government. more than 12 people perished at Lundazi river due to damaged bridge 9 months ago. Todate,the bridge unrepaired, people suffer walking long distances to go to the Boma, vehicles drive on a long bad detour road- Dora drove on this bad road. A local Lundazi business man Aloboo, has offered to repair the bridge PF government has REFUSED. Offered to jointly repair the bridge with government to array suspicion of PF, that too was REJECTED. How long will Lundazi people suffer and Dora insults them by enticing them to vote for PF. PF is gone in Lundazi, farmers have not received farming inputs, I was on the ground when Dora passed through, she did not see the suffering Lundazi people go through. 2021 will be hard for PF.

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