It’s Not Campaign Time Yet – Banda

Kapoche ~ Mon, 28 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

Local Government Minister Charles Banda says time for campaigns has not come and those with political ambitions should give chance to elected leaders to work.

Speaking when he addressed a meeting in Mwangaila ward on Saturday, Dr Banda, who is also Kapoche MP, said this is the time for the current government to continue working.

He said President Edgar Lungu will continue delivering development to all parts of the country without segregation.

Dr Banda said the government is fulfilling the 2016 campaign promises.

“We are implementing our campaign promises. President Edgar Lungu is saying we should deliver development to all parts of the country without leaving anyone behind. We have not left anyone behind in rural areas or in town, we want everyone to know that the PF government think about you even if you are in the village,” Dr Banda said.

He called for unity among the people.

Dr Banda said with unity, no problem is insurmountable.

He said President Lungu encourages ministers to meet people and hear their challenges.

Dr Banda said time for campaigns has not yet come but that he was merely fulfilling his mandate as MP to meet the people and discuss developmental programmes.

“Next year on 12 August, we are going to have elections. The five years mandate which you gave us is coming to an end next year and between May and June, parliament will be closed. When they close parliament, it means my mandate as your MP has ended. When parliament is closed and you see me here, it means it is time for judgement time for campaign,” he said.

Dr Banda said he will go to the people in the constituency to judge him when parliament closes.

“I cannot ask for judgement now because days are still there but I will come and you will judge me. When time for campaigns comes, everyone will be allowed to campaign. That will be time when some people will allege that ‘Charles did not do anything here, vote for me because I constructed boreholes and roads in the air and I will bring them down’. So it will be up to you to see the road which is in the air and the one which is on the ground, which I have constructed,” he said.

Dr Banda also highlighted a number of projects that he has implemented so far such as the sinking of 97 boreholes, construction of roads, clinics, schools among many others.


  1. Ngoma Yamaano

    This MP wants to claim government money used to build roods, clinics and schools belong to him?? He also wants people to wait until so called campaign time to judge how PF and this MP have performed. MP, people are not foolish and cant be stopped from judging the performance of PF which has been in power for many years now. Are PF MPs given money from the public pursue to build roads, clinics and schools?

  2. Nshilinama

    Ngoma yaamano an mp will never have6789000000milion to build a road or anything without belonging to hard working government unip did something which mmd destroyed in 20years Zambia is 350years backwards 9years in office pf has proofed to to a party for development up to2064 Zambia will like in paradise continue with your freedom of idiocy

  3. Razor

    But your friends like bowman have already started campaigning.

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