Lusaka ~ Mon, 28 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

Police have instituted investigations into the video circulating on social media in which deceased musician David Phiri popularly known as DAEV is being assaulted by two women.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed that police have taken interest in the said video and will ascertain what transpired on the fateful day.

In the video, Daev is seen in a kneeling position while receiving some lashes from two ladies, one of whom has been identified as singer Yo Maps’ current girlfriend.

The ladies excitedly whipped Daev as one of them declared that she had no mercy for him.

Behind the scenes was another guy who was filming the ordeal while seemingly enjoying the abuse that was being inflicted on Daev, as he promised that the content would not be leaked to anyone.

It is yet to be known when the video was taken.


  1. Daliso phiri

    The girls need to be arrested

    • Masturbator

      If it was me, I wouldn’t let the bitchez assault me, I could have beat the shiiit out of the them. Guy baku kembole kuli tuma bitch tosila

  2. Bm

    If it was on the woman’s, the man would have already been arrested. Where are the women’s gender activists movements? On issues like the you can’t hear them shouting for its on their favour. Most men die in silent like this. Too bad. This devilish woman deserve prison and the president shouldn’t exercise his prerogative of mercy powers on her. It pains me so much seeing how the guy was abused.

    • Gabriel mwansa

      If the police fail to arrest those two girls and the camera man, it will show injustice

  3. Siku jay

    Why so soon

  4. Acbupe

    Most men die in silent like this. Too bad. This devilish woman deserve prison and the president shouldn’t exercise his prerogative of mercy powers on her. It pains me so much seeing how the guy was abused.

  5. Garry simwimba

    They neThey need to be punished

  6. Kapesha Nevers

    There should not be time wasting.. The police and all the investigation authorities of Zambia should take this matter seriously… In fact arrest them without thinking twice

  7. Sbm

    Ndelolesha fyeee…

  8. Landford zulu

    The police should take this matter seriously and arrest all the victims into jeal

  9. bright

    The police should not hesitate but arrest all that were in the house during the abuse

  10. Mynza

    Am so much hurt by the action that the two ladies and the camera man took it really was so evil of them to do that …pliz justice must prevail…and that other lady proudly said she had no pity wat a woman she is

  11. Mynza

    Pliz police do something… As his fan am really broken am don’t know how to describe how I feel

  12. Muzo

    We what justice in this matter

  13. Muzo

    We what justice in this case

  14. ZüÇas Bigge

    Those girls must be arrested for the abuse of the official, the deceased musician Daev Zambia.. ..


    Now do this happened when he died or alive

  16. Raphael

    Arrest them please

  17. Paul Phiri

    Arrest them please 🚔

  18. Faston Chisha

    I feel bad loosing someone like daev in music industry, arrest everyone who is behind Daev’s death

  19. Precious

    Just arrest them

  20. Mike

    Why have you decided to go so soon my brother you’ve made a big different to the family.

  21. Nancy Milimo

    Pipo cum to thk ov it. First y shud de girls be arrested? Coz lukng at Daev’s death it wz a road accident & nt de internal injuries or de assult ov de girls beatings. I personally am de full tym fun & i loved him,bt lukng at de situation him kneeling down as a celebrity & knowing dat de video wz being made dat means he was wrong smehw or maybe dats hw thy joke coz if he had watd he kudnt hv knelt down it wz vry simple.

    • Racheal zimba

      Muntu wanga no one was there, what if they had guns? Wen u see gun bro u have to conquer

    • Henry

      What do you mean that’s how they joke? I thought jokes came with joy and laughter, not with whipping someone to their misery.

  22. Jeff

    Serious action should take place

  23. Nkole

    R.I.P dude

  24. Trust Mwalimu

    arrest them and for you mr finally if you’ll see my comment please just find another woman who isnt mwizu or that kid ink girlfriend of yours, rip daev, #trustmwalimu

  25. Monica

    I personally think Daev was threatend or something coz theres no way girls can treat a man like that an he jst obeys jst like that

    • Jonas Pule

      For sure he might have been terribly threatened for him to go to an extent of kneeling down, this case should be investigated to the latter!!

  26. nana

    pls police arrest these bitches, evil acts, witches fly by night, dark heart l don’t even know if the other one is an Ethiopian, you momos monsters why you didnt leave the boy alone, you had yo maps, but y mistreateing a poor boy. .ah Gold diggers. .my heart pleads really. ..may his soul rest in peace, l think you are happy now is it. …….slay Queens of Lusaka Ethiopian bitches. ..and yo two momos…

  27. Nevergoblank

    What a useless guy alongside the two devils abusing the Young Man. Hell!!!!!! But though I can’t allow such an abuse on my own body

  28. Mukanaka kedrick

    Too bad that he is no more how I wish he was alive he could have told us what transpired now that we were not there all the story that will come out will be fake so police I don’t know because you investigating the story you will not going to tell us the all truth

  29. Dash cool

    Its very shocking that DEAV you are gone, too bad otherwise we will keep on remembering you bro, RIP.

  30. real sparks

    why so soon bro we still want you

  31. Calvin

    R I P bro

  32. Jala

    That’s bad

  33. hi

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    just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now
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