Police Summon Nevers Mumba Over Rigging Accusations

Lusaka ~ Mon, 28 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba this morning appeared before the police at the Service Headquarters in Lusaka where he was summoned following his allegations of rigging in the Lukashya parliamentary by-elections.

“His summoning is based on a statement he recently made which is circulating on social media where he brought out several issues bordering on the just ended Lukashya Parliamentary by elections,” police spokesperson Esther Katongo has stated.

“He was called in for an inquiry as the matters he alleged have to be investigated.”

Dr Mumba was summoned



  1. Chanda Chrispin

    This is a very interesting issue which most of us would like to know if what Mr. MUMBA accused the ruling party was right, again can the police really do a good job when investigating a ruling party? What can the police do if MUMBA give them leading information, can they tell the nation about their findings or they can just keep quiet.

  2. Tembo Banda

    I’d like to know the truth about what happened at the by-election. New Hope MMD was there on the ground for the six days and saw everything. Let us know the truth Zambian police and don’t cover up whatever P.F. Do your job properly. You are not small boys without any power or are you? Are you just cowering to P.F?

  3. Mashele

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  4. Freedom

    Mr Mumba has an entitlement called freedom of speech and expression, every Zambian is entitled to this to express himself/herself. But pf has robbed people of their rights and freedom. Why should Mr Mumba be summoned by the bloody police? He just made an allegation by alleging that pf rigged the election, it is just making a claim(allegation) not stating that it’s completely true

  5. Jones mulenga

    Ba mumba lyonse fye bapakulufyanya remember de case for DRC for his tenuous acting as RPB president he was chopped out of it because our father is very fast to say things before weighing it

  6. Kawasaki

    @Freedom, you are taking about freedom of stupidity?

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