Lusaka ~ Mon, 28 Sept 2020

President Edgar Lungu has noted with concern insinuations that he has directed the Electoral Commission of Zambia to abandon the current voters register and introduce electronic voting to disadvantage the opposition.

State House spokesperson Isaac Chipampe has said President Lungu respects the ECZ, an autonomous body, and cannot influence their decisions.

“The Electoral Commission of Zambia is an independent and autonomous Electoral Management Body, empowered under Act No. 35 of 2016 “to make regulations providing for the registration of voters and for the manner of conducting elections”, among other functions. Therefore, President Lungu would like to reaffirm his unwavering commitment to ensuring the independence of the Electoral Commission of Zambia, or indeed any other Constitutional body. The President would, therefore, not sanction any acts that would usurp the powers of the Electoral Commission of Zambia,” Mr Chipampe stated. “Under his leadership, President Lungu has allowed and will continue to allow Constitutional bodies like the ECZ to operate autonomously and independently.
President Lungu, therefore, finds it absurd that some citizens continue to claim that he is directing the Electoral Commission of Zambia to change voter registration methods to his and the ruling party’s advantage.”

He said even President Lungu and the ruling party are uncomfortable with some of the newly introduced methods but “he is restrained to comment because his words maybe seen as interference in the operations of the Electoral
Commission of Zambia”.

“More importantly, President Lungu does not want the electoral process to be marred in controversy and prays that the pols would be free and fair before during, and after voting,” Mr Chipampe stated.


  1. God Dammit!

    Ka lungu wants to rig election next year. PF are predictable, they want to rig but they don’t know how to do it without anyone else noticing. We’re watching, there ain’t no way you’ll succeed

  2. Zambians can’t trust ECZ

    That is why it’s important to always send correct signals even when the constitution gives one powers to appoint, that power must be excersised cautiously to avoid wrong perceptions being drawn. For example appointing an Easterner to run ECZ raises suspicions. Instead of requesting all political leaders to assist in selecting the Chairperson & the Board, but as Head of State u do it by yourself will raise further suspicion. Even selecting key staff at ECZ must involve all political parties to assure them of true accountability. Very few Zambians can trust ECZ today as appointed by our Head of State & Govt.

  3. HervRena

    The PF you are really responsible for this collapse of the economy.The amount in debt is unimaginable. The number people are very bloke.unemployment,corruption ,only wandered covid wants to finish our little remaining hunger stricken people.slowly we have no money in our pockets contrary to their slogan.

  4. Fact

    Rig no rig apita paka 2026

  5. Zambians can’t trust ECZ

    Whatever mistakes HE ECL makes must squarely fall on his advisors who honestly fail to advise our head of state and all mistakes made on ECZ is the making of his advisors who could not clearly see that Esau Chulu comes from eastern province and appointing him as Chair ECZ would land the Presidency into unnecessary controversies when Z has so many capable individuals from every part of our country. ECZ is not like appointing a Speaker. It’s a very sensitive & delicate matter. So where was the President’s advisors? Today anyone can accuse our President on anything going wrong at ECZ & it’s difficulty for HE ECL to escape the heat!!! Let advisors protect our presidency from public ridicule by proactively taking necessary safe guards to protect him, through his decision making process


    With us Easterners, ni HH chabe!!! For 2021 MPs PF while for presidency, it’s HH period!

  7. Blessings tembo

    Eastern ni HH next year either rig or no kuli rerun!!

  8. JMS

    It gives advantage to a wise person be responsible for the goodness of the nation but a useless man makes mistakes and excludes himself as if he is innocent but isn’t. Mwankole.

  9. JMS

    And its unfortunate all followers of him are unsuitable, never blame advisors because the head must be the head not just the mouth or tail unless he is a puppet.We need strong men and women who can take the country forward.

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