Transporters Who Want To Sabotage Govt Will Be Dealt With, Warns Kafwaya

Lusaka ~ Mon, 28 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

Minister of Transport and Communications Mutotwe Kafwaya has warned transport operators and truck drivers against inciting other drivers to conduct an illegal work stoppage next month.

The minister has said his office is aware of those plans by some drivers, saying the move is calculated to cause discord in the transport sector.

“It has come to my attention that some truck drivers who are sowing seeds of discord in the transport sector are calling on fellow drivers to conduct a work stoppage on 19th October2020,” he said.

Mr Kafwaya, who is also Lunte member of parliament, has since warned both drivers and transport operators to stop plotting illegal activities.

He says the law is clear about how strikes can be conducted.

The minister has charged that government will not allow individuals to sabotage the operations of the transport sector and has challenged the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to look into the provisions of the law and deal with those that want to strike.

He has warned that once the strike goes ahead, police will handle the matter.

“There will be no illegal work stoppage on the 19th of October and should the law breakers go ahead on this date, Police will deal with those who will conduct an illegal work stoppage,” he said.


  1. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Don’t enterfeare or provoke the individual rights of expression. You still have enough time to yourselves how you relate with workers. What role will RTSA play in the process of strike? Ba minister you sound to be dull. Don’t threaten them. The you received the information about the planned strike on 19th,use the same resources to find out why drivers are planning that. Call them,ask them why,what’s in their work ways? This is to be s good leader. Don’t think workers are fools. If you follow only what is good for you,then you’re nothing. You’re were elected in and be elected out. Drivers are skilled. You can fore then today,tomorrow you will see them in another company, wanyara nakunyara. Of guys you’re all cadres. You’re funs of wrong and bad leadership. MND government shall not work with unreasonable people you.

  2. Bm

    Drivers are simply asking for what is due to them. What they are getting today isn’t sustaining their lives. Find a solution for them instead of simply intimidating hem.

  3. Koswe

    Are all these drivers belonging to hakainde? Don’t be a fool dorfrilyn sojin drivers get very little as compared to drivers in government individuals that is owners of trucks and employ the cheapest let them go on strike ask nurses who were incited by hakainde to go on strike what happened fools talk without substance mind you you can’t help even one idiot

  4. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Khoma ndiwe koswe for sure. Why do you insult me? Check the massage again. You sound not to understand English.

  5. Lazarous

    What has happened to you Honourable? You forget so easily or what? You gave the promises to engage your counterpart at labour for this issue to be put to rest.
    Here you come sounding so ignorant of what has brought this planned strike. Now I understand you are just a politician who never honour what you say.
    We are going ahead with the strike on the 19th and there’s nothing you can do to change it other than giving the drivers a decent minimum wage as we proposed through the Unions. Don’t start blaming other people for your mistakes. No intimidation or threats will stop us.
    This’s not a political fabricated situation, it’s just reality on the Ground.
    How much does an average family need to survive on today.
    How do you survive on your self. PF learn to responsibility over your people first than looking at your pockets, tammies and concupines.
    All we want is decent wage not less than 10 thousand a month.

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