We’ll Crack A Whip On Anyone Making Fake Pledges In President Lungu’s Name – Chanda

Luanshya ~ Mon, 28 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The ruling Patriotic Front on the Copperbelt Province has warned officials in the habit of making pledges of huge sums of money in the name of President Edgar Lungu to stop the trend or disciplinary measures will be taken against them.

Patriotic Front Copperbelt chairman Nathan Chanda on Saturday addressed Roan and Mpatamato Marketeers who complained about media reports that alleged that they received K120,000 from PF Copperbelt Mobilisation Coordinator Bowman Lusambo, when the situation on the ground was different.

Following these complaints, Mr Chanda the Provincial Executive will be forced to use its powers to crack the whip on anyone making fake pledges.

He said there is a habit of officials going round the province making “false and fake pledges to the Churches, Marketeers and ordinary Zambians in the name of President Edgar Lungu” but has warned them to stop the tendency.

“This behaviour by some Party officials to make fake huge donations for the cameras and giving fake promises just for media publicity but fail to fulfil the same pledges is not only disheartening and decampaigning ourselves but is bringing discomfort and disrepute to the name of the Party and our Republican President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” Mr Chanda said.

“We cannot be going round making apologies on behalf of excited party officials who want to seek media fame at the expense of party growth and general mobilisation in the Province.”

But Mr Lusambo said the role of mobilization is to bring more members for the 2021 general elections and that pledges were not supposed to be delivered immediately.

“For me as Chairman, I can assure you that pledges are not immediate. It does not mean when you pledge, then you need to give money tomorrow. It’s like the budget that was presented. So it is now to go and start looking for the money,” Mr Lusambo said. “Pledges are like a budget. So like whatever allocation the minister made to each ministry, it’s not like the money is there, so now cabinet will sit and look for ways to raise the money.”


  1. Zax

    Mr lusambo humble yourself

    • Daniel Banda

      FAKE NEWS! Because people who come to make political pledges must pass through the provincial political leadership for evaluation and recording of the type of donation and its recipients. He can simply make a follow-up in the background not through social media.

  2. Daniel Banda

    FAKE NEWS! Because that provincial Chairperson is supposed to b

  3. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    We all know that PF is full of fake promises. Only those with shallow mind we follow pf. Lusambo is right. This is all what is happening in of government. They make force pleges to hoke people to the party,when they know it will never happen. Fake people. MOVENENT for NATIONAL DEMOCRACY is coming to sort out such leveled capacity of rhinking people off public offices. We need people with dipth thinking capacity. With public interest.

  4. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Someone is planning violence in your attention, then you’re laughing. Meaning what now? Shame.

  5. Super Mom

    Kwati ichishushi.

  6. Emmanuel mulenga

    That’s the end of the network news

  7. Razor

    You already know who it is since the name is mentioned – Lusambo. Let’s see how you are going to discipline him if you have the balls.

  8. MOM

    Ba Lusambo, I just want to tell you that us common Zambians currently know the stance of the party more than you top officials.So humbling yourself is better for the stability of the party.🤔

  9. Alex mukoka

    Fili ekotuleya

  10. Pat

    Bupuba weka weka my pf kwati tamwaba president mwe Bantu

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