4th Mobile Service Provider Coming

Lusaka ~ Tue, 29 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

Transport and communications minister Mutotwe Kafwaya has announced plans by the government to introduce a fourth mobile service provider to create competition in the sector.

Mr Kafwaya said when he featured on Kwithu FM’s Chondibaba programme today that the introduction of the fourth service provider, among other plans, will result in better service provision by the providers.

“I have instructed ZICTA to procure another company to become a fourth mobile service provider in the country. And so, ZICTA is in the process of procuring that entity. An advert came out about two or three weeks ago, I hope they are getting the interests,” Mr Kafwaya said.

He said there were other measures that the government was taking in order to improve the services in the telecommunication sector.

Mr Kafwaya further said government invested heavily in the telecommunication sector such as the installation of 1, 009 towers in order to improve connectivity in the country.

Meanwhile, the minister called on the three mobile service providers in the country to be innovative and serve their clients better.

Mr Kafwaya disclosed that government slapped fines on all the three mobile service providers to show them that the state was not happy with the quality of service being provided to the people.

He said the mobile service providers should always look for opportunities in order to make the lives of their customers better.

“I think even myself, I have experienced poor network even here in Lusaka and other places. I was talking to the Chief Executive Officer for Airtel some months ago who told me that one problem is with road expansions especially here in Lusaka because some cables are tempered by contractors where some data passes. We must find a way of serving our people better, and we must always look for opportunities to make life easier for the people,” Mr Kafwaya said.


  1. Michael Mwila

    Good move

  2. General Inspector

    We also need another electricity company to compete with Zesco

    • Tom

      True we pay connection fee of over 13 000 and it takes them months or a year to come and provide a service.
      This shows that they have big issue

    • Martin Jr


    • Martin Jr

      That’s a very good move by government and even ba zesco nabo mubalanganepo as government.

    • Joel


  3. Zulu Webby

    The services re so poor, why do they make us use our minutes and bundles in a hurry? When we buy minutes and bundles we should use them them at any time…. thats our money.

  4. Wyzist

    Another mobile service provider would be nice

  5. Central

    Good hurry up because twalusa Sana ama minutes and bundles

  6. Musyani

    The market is saturated,you need to get zamtel to be the best as it is a zambian network.

    • MABOLO

      Kikikikikikikiki…. ZAMTEL is the worst network in Zambia my dear!

  7. Mubanga

    The move by the government is welcome but here is my concern, why is the government not introducing another power supply to be the competitor with zesco so that loadshedding can be eradicated? Because if zesco can have a competitor I think there could improvement in the power supply

  8. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    How many times are we going to hear this news last time you even mentioned the name of the service provider ati UZI is coming until now nothing has happened

  9. Overdy Calebs

    This move is welcome we are tired of poor Services offering by Zamtel,airtel and my.

  10. Overdy Calebs

    This move is welcome we are tired of poor Services offering by Zamtel,airtel and my.T ell them to improve &,make us happy,Zicta do something.

  11. Henry

    We could surely use another network for sure. I find trouble with the three networks we have.

  12. Joel

    Communication is not a problem,it better you bring the second power company we have enough network companies at the moment.

  13. Ba PAPA

    Network providers are not a very big issue, we would appreciate a power company to wake Zeesco up.The monopoly zesco enjoys has made them incompetent. A competitor will help improve electricity services. So, look for a power company that will challenge Zesco.

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