7 Nyaus Finally Slapped With Murder Of Another

Chipata ~ Tue, 28 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

Poilce in Chipata have finally charged seven Nyau dancers with murder after they were implicated in the death of a 36-year-old man of Vwala village in chief Chikuwe’s area in Kasenengwa District.

The deceased, Chipateni Soko, was beaten to death by his fellow Nyau dancers after he allegedly burnt down their shrine locally known as Dambwe.

After he burnt down the secret shrine, the dancers ordered Soko’s family to donate grass so that the burnt structure could be reconstructed before summoning him to the Dambwe.

At the Dambwe, Soko was tortured by the dancers and he later died.

Eastern Province police commissioner Luckson Sakala said the suspects will soon appear in court.

Mr Sakala ruled out the turning of some of the suspects into state witnesses.

The deceased was buried last week at Vwala graveyard.

During his burial on Wednesday last week, angry villagers burnt the reconstructed Dambwe and destroyed everything that was found at the secret place such as drums and flags.

Women who, by Chewa tradition, are not allowed to enter the Dambwe trespassed on the secret place and participated in destroying the drums.


  1. Bm

    Job well-done police commissioner Eastern province for ruling out any of those criminals become witnesses. Let everyone be tried and if found guilty be taken to jail.

  2. Joseph Mumba Kawimbe

    Ifinyau fyaya sana!! Who told them they have the right to kill!!?? Hang them high.

  3. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    Ifinyau kanormal tesana

  4. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    Next time don’t vote for a nyau dancer

  5. Pardon

    Ukumfwafye neshina ati ifinyau, awe bwafyasana teti pabe IFISUMA

  6. Nicolas

    Too sad killing somebody all because of “A BURNT DAMBWE” which could be easily rebuild. Let the law take its course and be it an example to would be “nyau” offenders a cross the country.

  7. Cephas Mweene

    Good job 👍👏 ba police make sure they face the law

  8. Banda

    Mr sakala do your job as usual.

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