Chiteme Meets Detained SPAX At Kamfinsa

Kitwe ~ Tue, 29 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

Nkana Member of Parliament Alexander Chiteme on Sunday sent Kamfinsa Correctional Facility officials into a panic mode when he requested to see Kabaso Mulenga popularly known as SPAX.

Chiteme, who was at the facility to officiate at the handover of food stuffs and blankets donated by him and the Seventh Day Dorcas Mothers, was accorded the opportunity to see SPAX.

The officers at Kamfinsa managed to move SPAX to the Commanding Officers’ office where the two met, among some people in his entourage.

However, the contents of the meeting which lasted over 10 minutes remain unclear as only a few were allowed in.

Correctional Facility officers, together with journalists, all remained outside as the two conferred.

SPAX and five others are charged with five counts of murder, attempted murder and rape and are currently at Kamfinsa Correctional Facility.




  2. Logan

    How far is it his judicial proceedings??

  3. John Sikazwe

    This criminal and murderer. Just like many other criminals of Kaizer Zulu types been a seeing guest
    at State House. This is a cartel that was also involved in gassing Zambians. The only reason for this MP to visit SPAX in prison was to ensure his early release on orders from this man who has become a sudden millionair and stealing with impunity from Zambians, called Edgar Lungu. As a former intelligence officer I know all secrets. I will very soon spill the beans.

  4. Kuda Mpezeni

    Wat are u going to spil rubbish

  5. Stop

    Some Comments Awe Sure. Even Your Children Are Saying Comment Ya Batata Ya Bupuba Naumfwa Ne Nsoni, Kwati Te Bakulu.

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