Ill-Treatment In UPND Forces Naomi Tetamashimba To Take To Social Media

Solwezi ~ Tue, 29 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

UPND’s Naomi Tetamashimba has taken to social media to complain about unfair treatment by her counterparts in the opposition political party.

Ms. Tetamashimba, who is North Western Province Vice-Chairperson in charge of Mobilisation, has come under fire after a Facebook post said to have been written by her complaining went viral on social media.

The Facebook post is talking about Socialite Iris Kaingu dismantling UPND structures in Western Province while the new recruit Chellah Tukuta is nowhere in the picture.

Ms. Tetamashimba, who is daughter to the late Benny Tetamashimba, has complained of being victimised by the UPND while she denies having authored the Facebook Post.

“I am getting sick and tired of such propaganda and what gets on my nerves more is the fact that Some UPND MEMBERS are quick to buy into such propaganda,” she wrote on her Facebook profile.

She has complained that some administrators of some WhatsApp groups have even gone ahead to remove her.

“I went to the farm to pay respect to my father and brother at their graves and find such nonsense and some UPND Groups even removing me from their groups? Like really!” she wondered.


  1. Muko1

    Baphiri Ur a fool!U Hv Nothin 2 Rport On,tell Us About Th 48 Houses Wth Owner Nt Ths Rubish,u Make Us Sink Low Lyk U

    • Chris phiri you're a dead man breathing

      You’re dead💀man walking🚶chris phiri

  2. Zambiaisours

    If Iris Kaingu with her record can destroy any party in a province then you are telling me that there were no structures in the first place as people of Western Province would not be so gullible to listen to a person of Iris type and let alone ditch UPND en mass after being with the party for such a long time – all bcoz pf Iris??

  3. Kansiime

    Poor article. Poor author. Non-news. Sad. Pathetic.

  4. Joseph

    The article is baseless!! It’s mediocre at best and appalling at worst!

  5. Kondolo

    The UPND infighting in northwestern is real.and at rate things are going pf is becoming stronger while upnd are fighting .

  6. Criticalz

    Naomi has done lots of work mobilising the party in the province. She is just being undermined by a Tonga clique in the party who think they own the party. We shall not tolerate tongas to undermine us .it is time to take charge. Those tongas who feel they own the party in northwest should go back to southern province. This is northwest…it is not tongaland.

  7. Acky mukah

    not only n/westen province ba UPND We should seat down and put the house in older things are not ok whith us in zambia let us stop to pretanding if we are not careful 2021 again ati batubbida mahoooti.

  8. Innocent

    Ba upnd be serious nama politics. What’s your problem

  9. Real

    UPND, kuwayawayafye!!! 2021 PF nafuti nafuti.

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