RTSA Welcomes Conviction of Truck Driver for Killing 12 People

The Road Transport and Safety Agency has hailed the Ndola High Court for convicting and sentencing a truck driver to two years imprisonment for causing the death of 12 people.

The Court has also suspended the Driving Licence for Mr. Sailus Munenga for 36 months. In March this year, Mr. Munenga while driving a Volvo truck along the Ndola-Kabwe road caused the death of 12 people in a Rosa Bus. Mr. Munenga failed to keep to his lane and collided head-on with the Bus.

Agency Head of Public Relations, Mr. Fredrick Mubanga says the Agency is hopeful that the action taken by the Court will act as a deterrent measure to other motorists especially Public Service vehicle drivers who are placed with a very high responsibility of safeguarding the safety of the traveling public.

Last week, the RTSA  revoked Driving Licences for six PSV drivers for disregarding traffic rules and regulations with impunity.

Mr. Mubanga adds that all PSV drivers and motorists in general are implored to follow traffic regulations to put an end to the recent spike in road traffic accidents.

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