Lusaka ~ Tue, 29 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The opposition UPND are planning to set up online voter registration centres across the country.

The move is aimed at causing confusion by submitting wrong information to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) system, in which voters will have challenges in getting voters cards when the process starts.

The plan to set up parallel structures has been birthed by UPND national management committee which was chaired by Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

“The plan my dear is targeting young people who will submit correct details but the IT guys will enter wrong details in the system so that when that time for getting the cards comes, the owners of the cards will have correct names but different polling stations and constituency will appear,” the source said.

The source has further explained that the whole plan will turn to drama at a later stage.

“So when the youths find that their names and NRC numbers are correct but the polling station has been changed, the youths will now cause confusion and call the electoral process as a sham,” the source explained.


  1. UPND Cadre

    Ba President …what is our strategy to win 2021? As your supporters we are confused.???

    • Chris phiri you're a dead man breathing

      So chris phiri you think you can deceive us, busy cooking up fake stories to destroy upnd and hh. 2021 ni forward!

  2. saimbwende

    HH tawakatekepoooooooooooooooooooo

  3. SECRET_NI_2021

    There is practically nothing wrong with UPND or indeed any organization or individuals , including PF in assisting members of the public to register online. I plan to do the same. Its basically within the law. Those who are assisted can then vote as they wish at the right time because the vote will be secret….Nothing to get excited about here…. An election is just a democratic cycle which needs to pass quickly so that we get to the business of developing this country

  4. Daniel Banda

    The story sounds to be a fabrication or FAKE NEWS aimed at illiterate or confused persons. While it is true that ECZ is requesting for people to do online pre-registration, individuals will still need to go to registration centres to collect their voter’s cards. How and where then will those registered by a UPND get the fabricated voter’s cards? Where is ZICTA to sit idle watching this fraud happening?

  5. cheweh01@gmail.com

    We don’t want confusions, its work of ECZ to register online

  6. Razor

    When ZR readership falls, they drop in such fake news,to entice people to go onto their page and comment or even just to entice a reaction. Hahaha. But we have seen these tactics before now we just laugh.

    • Lovemore

      The Author of the story is playing on the minds of illiterates Knowing the huge number of uneducated and school dropouts in the Nation.
      Time will tell.

  7. jesse


  8. Edward Havuluma

    Online is useless you can remember what was happening in School examination there were lots of mistakes because of the same systems some of students have different examination numbers

  9. Rubbish

    Rubbish ka reporter iwe, you are the most useless , worthless and foolish reporter Zambia has ever produced

  10. Joey

    But people have no value for their time. How can one spend time writing fake stories

  11. Jimmy shaba

    This cant happen

  12. Chendabusiku

    The politics of today are very complex. Lies and counter lies etc. These days we cannot rule out anything. What happened to HH running with a few cares in the Bush and claiming that someone wants to kill him. The truth of the matter is HH has to try and push the hardest, he knows he has nothing to lose. The numbers are genuinely against him but he had to try and crate some confusion. All opposition thrive in confusion. So anything that seems to quell the confusion is not welcome in the opposition camp. This is why the UPND has been quick to condemn the purchase of police riot gear. The UPND called preparation for war as if police had any riot gear at all.

  13. chisha

    HH 2021


    The one who formulated this story is hungry, I can see!!!! Please people let’s usher in UPND next year so that we help him feed his family… Kikikikikikikiki!!!!

  15. Koswe

    The story is true one where they will claim they have won the elections by looking at the number of those who registered through them one thing that is wrong with this tribal party they want problems to what ever government institutions want to do hakainde has proved to be a master of the people instead of people to be his master. You will never get it you will be buried on August 12 2021

  16. X4

    U ar correct comrade ths is jst th begining of th games whch upnd owez play especialy wen they forsee a huge loss ahead.their plan is to cry foul in th end coz we all knw tht th upnd hav created an ecz within their party whch onounces parallel results.

  17. Lethal Weapon

    Is there a way I can stop receiving stories from Zambia reports….they are a bunch of useless dog shit….

  18. Overseer

    This is definitely aimed at tarnishing upnd and hh’s reputation, we won’t be cheated with this nonsense. HH 2021

  19. Villager

    Are they the ones who entered wrong data in the ZAMIS system ? On FISP making farmers lose out as their phone numbers and NRC numbers could not Talley We are reliably informed that the situation in Luangwa District is so bad as most officers are from the Bantu Botatwe in the Ministry of Agriculture

  20. Mike

    Stop writing shit,lets put our heads together and vote for a right Present in 2021

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