ECZ Puts Off Voter Registration Meeting With Parties Due To UPND Engineered Court Case

Lusaka ~ Wed, 30 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has postponed the meeting which was scheduled to be held today, 30th September 2020 at 14:00hrs, with all political parties at Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

ECZ Acting Public Relations Manager Syvia Bwalya, on behalf of the Chief Electoral Officer Mr Patrick Nshindano, has announced in a statement to Zambia Reports that the meeting has been moved to a later date on account that some of the issues which should have been discussed are actively before the courts of law, and that any such discussion would be sub judice.

She says the Commission remains committed to engaging all stakeholders regarding the upcoming 2021 General Elections.

The cases before the courts were brought by Chapter One Foundation Limited versus the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Attorney General in the Constitutional Court.

The other one is for Getrude Imenda (suing in her capacity as Deputy Secretary General of the UPND) versus the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Attorney General in the High Court of Zambia.

The last time ECZ was professional in the eyes of the UPND was when they won a parliamentary local government by-election in Northern-Province.


  1. kuyabebele

    Ecz, Edgar chagwa Zulungu not trustworthy.

  2. BOB

    Election tym become the busiest ever for all level of courts in Zambia. The opposition feels by doing tym will fail for them. This only deters development. Let the people feel for you. The so called ” party lndaba” serve no purpose. Ndeloleshafye!!!!

  3. Dent


  4. AM

    They wanted old voter registration which is comprised of ghost voters to continue and system which does allow one person to vote as many as he wish after scaring monitors away for other parties in their strongholds.

  5. nickson

    The ever behind upnd will start cryin for the precious time they are waistin, remember the petition case.

  6. Chendabusiku

    Time wasters will always behave the same. Zambians need to have a Cadre of responsible citizens, when you have children of questionable birth circumstances, the result can be catastrophic. The coronated leader of UPND has not helped much in the opposition political arena for obvious reasons. HH has a very wired character which does not promote any succession in his political party. The result is that when he is not there anymore that party may disintegrate like UNIP. Zambia is not a mornachy so when you promote children to take over from their fathers then it becomes a monarchy. And that mornachy will only have the majority of tribesmen or sibjects supporting that grouping. Look at the case of Tilienji of UNIP and a case of five-times presidential loser Hakainde of UNDP. These people have risen to the helm purely on the basis of succeeding their parantage and that will not work. These two guys should have started their own political parties and not simply take over from their parents. This great nation does not need a monarchy it is a democracy.

  7. JMS

    Its unfortunate some people will never learn, their is no way ecz to postpond the meeting unless their dids isn’t for the well-being of the citizens. We know for sure that anything done for the benefit of individuals won’t be taken in consideration due to shame , fear of you produce it, thats why you are methined engineered by instead of lacking merts. And chendabushiku’ s remarks hasn’t got standings because so far through HH refuredum went down, bill10 ?,and many more things still in process . I understand those who move at 🌃 have nothing to offer now things can be changeble and this is the time to do so.

  8. Ngoma Yamaano

    Chendabusiku ( Night walker indeed). There is no substance in what you write. Before ECZ made decisions which are against the electoral law, they should have called all stakeholders. Only nightwalkers bath in ECZ arrogance and lies!

  9. Koswe

    Upnd was not there in Parliament when partial state of emergency was declared by president lungu all things well despite them crying. These time wasters have no agenda for. Zambia. They are still crying for bill of right to go through the referendum which they brought down. This tribal grouping will never enter state House. Chendabushiku is right is right hakainde is a dictator he declare himself as king or temporary when he enters state House through the back door. He will never enter state House through front door who will give him a vote and win?

  10. George Mainza

    My apeal to ECZ is that as a leader,any one given that title must lead by example to the people he leads,please let us work as Christians,if we make a lot of mistakes God will not Bless our country.

  11. George Mainza

    My apeal is that as a leader,any one given that title must lead by example to the people he leads,please let us work as Christians,if we make a lot of mistakes God will not Bless our country.

    • Kaunda pride

      Ubufumu bwakwa Lesa bwekafye temuntu iyoooo.pf are just cheating zambians that things are okay when infact not.kushilako nabanenu baumfwako bwino.world governments are about to fall

  12. JMS

    Koswe remember a mindful leader Won’t punish
    citizens because of falling of anything or refuredum unless corrupt and unhonest group is among good looking people who pretend to be good but 🐺 in 🐑 skin. Rubish.

  13. Kp

    Mr president let people themselves vote for the man of there choice not forcing them

  14. Mutale

    Bachendsbusiku, which political party has succession strategy in Zambia? Political parties in Zambia have the same characteristics. Leaders ndi bamuyayaya. Unip had none, mmd had none, pf has none, fdd has none, upnd has none and name it!

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