Lusaka ~ Wed, 30 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has sent his proxy, Sikaile Sikaile, to write to the United Nations and the international community, claiming that Zambia is preparing for a war.

Mr Hichilema, through Mr Sikaile, claims that there are clear signs that the Zambian government is preparing to fight a war, adding that the government is driving the country into a terrorism frenzy.

He further talks about unverified information of the Zambian government procuring heavy military armament for Armed Forces.

Under Article 43 (1) e, inciting or assisting any person to invade Zambia with armed forces is treasonable.

The move by UPND to incite and assist people outside the country with information about alleged military weapons is well calculated and can land them into conflict with the law.

The letter, which the UPND are claiming was sent to the UN, also highlights allegations that there is a tribe that is being mistreated and it may rise against other tribes.

Mr Hichilema has further claimed that President Edgar Lungu has threatened to arrest him on criminal charges surrounding privatization of government owned companies and properties that took place over two decades ago.

He further mourns the closure of his propaganda platform, Prime TV, which was shut down by authorities after it started a political and tribal crusade against government and other tribes that led to unprofessional reporting.

The UPND have listed President Lungu, selected cabinet ministers, judicial officials and the police as people allegedly “committing” crimes.

The UPND have already conceded defeated in the fourth coming general elections, claiming that the polls will be rigged.


  1. Realer

    He has already committed treason..

  2. Combatist

    Am tired of this nonsense by Zambia reports who write terrible things about hh. 2021 it’s forward! You’ll be shamed next year all those who hate hh

  3. 2yk

    Tribal Party Sikaile

  4. MM

    Zambia is sovieghn Country

  5. AM

    Cry baby, to you privatisation wealth has intoxicated you and you always need more, especially now with gold news, your mind has become restless. What kind of selfish person ,are you?

  6. 2yk

    It’s ECL that want you caged it’s Zambian Citizens for stealing their money

  7. 2yk

    It’s not ECL but pipo want HH xaged

  8. Central

    Who is going to take an action on privatisation Zambian government or United Nations …..the tribe HH is talking about is innocent . HH is blaming himself and yet pipo love him and the party.mr president just prepare for general election .

  9. saimbwende

    HH is a danger to the security of this nation. He now sees that he cant make it to the state house through a ballot he is now formulating a very dangerous strategy to make this country ungovernable by lobby the support of the international community. Zambia will be peaceful the moment this guy is out of political spotlight and Tongas will be behaving just like any other tribes. HH TAKATEKEPOOOOOO

  10. Zibazako


    Of course very few people are able to read the signs of the times and know what is required.What makes the Army superior is not flesh and blood but their artillery they have in their possession.Recently the approach that criminals use including some good for nothing political baboons called cadres has changed and they were able to equal the fire power of the police some times.

    To ensure that every Zambian is well protected the executive wing of Government on behalf of Zambians bought the machinery for the Police and the only thing some people are seeing is politics.Go every where in advanced nation’s where there is peace-you will find that police have more advanced equipment than we have here.

    Government has to provide an enabling environment for you to do business and of course to live peacefully and Government can’t do it with a police force using colonial methods while criminals (cadres and some known copper thieves inclusive) have advanced and carry more sophisticated weapons.
    You can be assured that police will never use those procured vehicles on anyone unless they commit an offence-if you don’t want police to use the newly acquired artillery on you, avoid crime and avoid associating with criminals.

  11. Malumbo Lungu

    Love is needed in Zambia

  12. Malumbo Lungu

    Love is needed in Zambia.We are one Zambia one nation.

  13. JMS

    What a brilliant statement, it takes a wise and strong person to have the mandate of helping his own nation in a matter concerning the well being of the citizens. To complain means perhaps unend to stupidity.

  14. C.c

    The tactics which UPND is using will cost them the 2021 Elections. Let them tell the people what they will do for them than every time complaining. Michael Sata did not use the outsiders to help him become president.

  15. JMS

    I think a well known person who has better minds will know for sure that this statement doesn’t put onein state House unless fear is among the so called less minded people. We should speak the truth rather than being unnecessary or uncultured people who say anything without reasoning.

    • Concern Citizen

      Which reason if I, may ask you?

      Dear try to reason with everyone not yourself. HH is talking of buying armour assets and what is wrong with that?
      Secondly, tribal remarks; I am sure you’re a Zambian and you know how we Zambians live by no means do we make such expect him. Lastly, let’s talk of him going out there to render a complaint concerning Privatisation issue when at all, the able government through our help is trying to come up with a platform to ease the burden on him. Earlier today the Students and other Non-governmental institutions went as far meeting the President; which in tells that everyone wants to know what transpired and who took part in the whole process. Thanks Dear

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