Mucheleka And Others To Remain In Prison As Case Is Adjourned

Kasama ~ Wed, 30 Sep 2020

By ZR Reporter
The matter in which UPND Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka and others are charged with aggravated robbery and malicious damage has been adjourned.
The Kasama Magistrate Court has adjourned to October 13th and 14th, 2020 for mention and possible commencement of trial.
The four remain detained at Milima state correctional facility.
This is because the Magistrate handling the matter is out of jurisdiction.
Mr Mucheleka and other UPND officials stole NRC Issuance equipment in Lukashya and fired a gun to scare away the registration officers.
And the case of the 10 UPND youths has also been adjourned to the same dates and their bail has been extended.


  1. muntu wandi

    Sir where is mr Hakaimbwa Hichibwa to help you come out of the remaind you will be there for one year like mwaliteta

    • X4

      Mucheleka nd yo coleagues,wea ar u today?nd wea iz HH?u thnk guys like kenesius banda,gbm could liv hh with no reason?its gud tht u ar slowly comin to knw th peson u ar dealing with.secondly we as pf party wll neva giv u bonds coz u owez sing to th top of yo voises tht we ar a corupt gvt.prison is wat u dezev whlist plunderer 1 bally is celebratin yo being in jail.

    • bitcoin

      Hakainde is having coffee New Kasama.

  2. Koswe

    Fools belonging to a tribal party. Are exposed hakainde is in the bunker laughing at them cos he is a master of them fools. When are your eyes going to open?

  3. JMS

    Mind you mwaliteta’s case never went nowhere now the state is forced to pay in return to the unincompetence of some creatures who just create situation because the are in power, shame.

  4. JMS

    Wait and see how your pupert will fall, for so long now criminality has entered Zambia due to manipulation of the judiciary.

  5. JMS

    Koswe, where are you talk?

  6. The Saint

    Abash political persecutions.

  7. Razor

    There is Jay Jay Banda the PF cadre charged with aggravated robbery and illegal gathering but he is freely moving around on bail. Now this people …….

    • MM

      You are lying, jay jay is sick and very much under trial, his case has been moved to High court.

  8. Ken Sex

    Always think of what you can do positively and constructively about mother Zambia our beloved nation. Honestly speaking why would one go to an extent of stealing NRC issuance equipment and more so even publicly firing live bullets ! In the name of supporting a political player! You are now found on the wrong side of the law! Where is this ‘player’ now that you are incarcerated and you are languishing behind the bars! Let your Master rescue you! He won’t, and you will face the full wrath of the law! Meanwhile you are denying your beautiful wife the much needed conjugal sexcapades! And if you are in formal employment what is happening to your daily attendance register! I pity you because the police service will slap you with at least SEVEN charges! Noku voter tawaka voteko! Vivah ECL, vivah the govt of the day!!!

  9. Lovemore

    Clever minds are waiting eagerly to get facts during case hearing before commenting.

  10. jason yumba

    You guys are in for it.You thought you were pleasing your Hungry Hyena[HH] by nonsensically committing a stupid crime.Where is your master?

  11. jay

    I feel sorry for you guys,because the evidence at hand is overwhelming.Maybe, you should just thinking of running away once you are bailed out.Otherwise its bye-bye for you.

  12. Ken Sex

    @ Jay I agree with you that yes this is to do with overwhelming evidence and not what one said as political persecution… Being found on the wrong side of the law! Let the Hungry Hyena rescue some excited rabbit…I thought as a secretary general of some institution one is a CEO, and as such should behave responsibly. Waba I T……

  13. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Koswe is just koswe and full of shit in your head. You don’t know anything. Of takes you no where as its end is around the corner. You’re blind. You’re not seeing what real people see. What do you want HH to do when the case us already in the ciurt? HH is not like your of cadres who enter fears with judicial proceedings. HH us s man of integrity and who always promotes justice. Am challenging you. Tell the nation what would happen to them if they were of cadres. And consider it if you’re a real man not rat,if it makes sense to hinder the justice. I want to respond how would your of do with the matters which are already in court.

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