Lusaka ~ Wed, 30 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The Ministry of Home Affairs has emphasised that there is no police recruitment currently underway.

Information has been circulating on social media alleging that the Zambia Police Service recruitment exercise was in progress and the un-employed teachers should consider joining the Police Reserve wing and the Neighbourhood Watch to enhance future prospects of being drafted into the Zambia Police Service.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo earlier issued a statement disputing the information. Another statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs followed yesterday where public relations officer Mr Nephas Chifuta said the police service will advertise the recruitment on the public media platforms once government grants authority and not through social media as the case is.

He said the process of recruiting police officers is nowhere close to enlisting from the Reserve wing and the Neighbourhood Watch as purported in the article.

“The principal mandate of the Ministry of Home Affairs is to maintain law and order in the country. Any other functions assigned by interested groups including social media platforms are sensational and only meant to mislead the general public,” Mr Chifuta said.

Meanwhile, Mr Chifuta said the ministry would wish to recruit enough police constables to increase the presence of police in the communities and narrow the police- population ratio to manageable numbers and also to adequately police the 2021 general elections.


  1. Ronald

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  2. Frank Chombela

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    • Edgar

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  6. Annie musonda

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  7. Pharaoh

    Nowadays,competition is very high for one to acquire an employmen,not just crying but also eligible qualifications should be considered. We dont want people with a record of any crime.

  8. John simfukwe

    I ready desire for this job

  9. Chama

    Me want to join the reserve wing and I submitted my papers already waiting for quick response

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