Lusaka ~ Wed, 30 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter
Patriotic Front secretary general Mr Davies Mwila has disclosed that Innocent Kalimanshi, who calls himself National Commander, is not a member of the ruling party.
Mr Kalimanshi recently held a press briefing in Lusaka which was covered by ZNBC, where he launched party regalia while endorsing President Edgar Lungu as party candidate in the 2021 presidential election.
However, 5FM reports that Mr Mwila has said there must be order in the way people conduct their business and noted that Mr Kalimanshi wants to tarnish the image of the party but warned that he will not tolerate such acts.


  1. HaHa 😂

    Junkies in pf

  2. Big Dog

    PF promotes these junkies and now they say they disown them. They just want play innocent by saying this

  3. Big Dog

    PF wants to act as if they’re are innocent by saying they disown these junkies

  4. Monster among men

    There is nothing good with PF. Kalimanshi is now on a wheelchair disowned by his party members. If they can do that to kalimanshi what about those that didn’t not vote for them like people of North Western.

  5. Muko1

    They disown Him Kaili He Cnt Coz Comotion

  6. Frank talk

    These happens in all political parties, like Caneous Banda in UPND

  7. Razor

    The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and this translates into a chipante pante government.

  8. Mudala

    More fake commander wil rise and see who u finish after election like JUDGE NGOMA Greatest military pf had during our late president SATA. INNO Time 2 open yo eyes and ears chose what is good 4 yo children and u need 2 hav brains

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