Lusaka ~ Thur, 1 Oct 2020

ZR Reporter

Opposition Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Sean Team has sounded an alarm to Zambians that opposition leaders Hakainde Hichilema, Chishimba Kambwili and Nevers Mumba are planning to cause confusing ahead of the 2021 general elections.

He says the opposition leaders being led by Mr Hichilema of UPND have been conducting themselves in an unreasonable manner by seeking to create a narrative that everything about Electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) is wrong.

“These leaders have been condemning all the Commissioners at ECZ, they have been condemning the Chief Electoral Officer, they have been condemning each and every activity undertaken by the Commission. To them, nothing and no one is good at ECZ. Everything is bad,” he said.

Mr Tembo, a critic of the PF government, has further observed that the conduct of the trio has potential to cause anarchy and jeopardize the continuity of the Republic.

“It is therefore our appeal to these gentlemen that they stop practicing a scorched earth policy in their politics, failure to which, they need to be able to bear the consequences of their actions,” he said.

And Mr Tembo says the arguments by ECZ over online voter registration and updating of the voter register are valid and reasonable.

He says he sees nothing wrong to pre-register especially that the process of online registration is optional.

“Given the fact that the online voter pre-registration process is not final and it is also optional, the arguments that have been advanced by some of the opposition leaders that citizens in rural areas will be disenfranchised because they do not have smartphones nor internet, do not carry any water. That is because even if a citizen does not do the online voter pre-registration, they will still be able to register as a voter without any qualms,” he said.

“On the issue of developing a new voters roll as opposed to updating the 2010 voters roll, we share the views of the Electoral Commission of Zambia that a fresh voters roll that is done from scratch is likely to be more accurate than updating the existing voters roll,” Mr Tembo said.


  1. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    That’s why balikunaya mu Cairo road Kuma PF cardars ulibe nzelu

    • CarryMyBallzBitch

      I thought this dude was wise and rational but he’s just a baby

  2. Chaya diga lungu

    This fool who calls himself president with zero following, an idiot who can only be voted by his family. Useless fool

    • X4

      Whch credible electro institution do th trio want to run elections in zambia otherthan ezd?HH shudnt hid bhind hs mid finger.as long as he rmains a champion of violence th reasoning class wll never vot 4 him.he wants to use violence as a last resolt to ascend to power,whch has totaly failed.kambwili i wsh th late sata ws stll wth us so tht he could witness th kind of a thug u hav bcome.he groomed wth ecl so tht u tek zambia to th higher hights bt look at th grup u hav partnered wth?yo deeds wth HH wll one day catch up wth u one day.

  3. Lolo

    Wherever you see insults just know that it is that party

  4. JMS

    As said a pf critic (1) Chris is a puppet,no minds,a person of no confidence,a person who doesn’t know what is good or bad many to mention. Do we have responsible laws in Zambia tembo can’t lead even his followers I wish I was one of his followers he could have seen how stupid he is. Also African leaders are their just for show.

  5. Nshilinama

    All those are puppets of hakainde one is aliar the other one is an empty drum which sounds louder with no substance all mixed with a tribalist the result is violence

  6. FuManchu

    Trying to understand Zambian politicians is a waste of time for many never advance any clear policies they’d pursue when leading the country but instead are good at maligning their competitors and tearing apart plans that other party leaders nurture! Sean Tembo keeps fighting for relevance but not impressive!

  7. Mudala

    3 tigers 2 attack ecz chairperson and CEO 2 resign no sense your old register u go the same progross same with new one. Three 3 wil lose gain bcoz yo pipo wil avoid 2 register and time is runing. Remember petition in 2016, zambian president has power 2 appoint ECZ Chairperson and mr chulu wil go but he bring again his man kkkkk…. U are dark walkup presidential candidates

  8. Pharaoh

    I dont see anything wrong with pre- registration and online voting.Its just like boarding a bus of your own choice bearing in mind that the destination is the same.On the other allegations of the named trio opposition political parties,its some how a hearsay such at the moment, there’s no evidence not even a circumstancal one to prove their intentions. May be…..


    ‘updating of the voter register’ where????? In Zambia?????????? Ba Tembo, ECZ is not updating the voters’ register like the constitution states but it is creating the new one !!!!!!!

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