Politicising Govt Projects Lands Kalumbila Council In Trouble


Kalumbila ~ Thur, 1 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

Local Government Minister Charles Banda has suspended Kalumbila Town Council for three months for allowing the opposition to inspect projects initiated by the central government.

Dr Banda says there is no way the council can invite the opposition to inspect government projects and taking credit for the work done.

He told journalists at a media briefing that the councillors invited the opposition leaders to inspect government projects after lying that the projects which were taking place were their own initiative.

He says the move by the councillors was an act of indiscipline which will not be tolerated.

Dr Banda who is also Kapoche member of parliament adds that the decision by government to punish Kalumbila council was to save as a lesson to other councils.

He explained the action taken by councillors to invite the opposition leaders to inspect government projects was illegal and tends to politicise the projects.

And speaking at the same briefing, North-Western Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu condemned the acts by Kalumbila councilors, saying the move was unacceptable.

Mubukwanu said Kalumbila was the creation of the PF government, saying there was no way the opposition could claim credit for the development undertaken in the area.


  1. Infinity War

    Why are you afraid of the opposition to just check the projects, you know that you mismanage the projects and you don’t want anyone to know the truth

  2. Lundazi voice

    Lundazi district a case the people vs foreign businessman it is 3 or 6 year zambians can’t build house bcoz business connection 2 govt. Ministry look on this matter are have lost sand and bricks and lundazi council gave zambian papers but a foreigner came in with a court case. Why poor man is underattack on his country

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