Privatisation Inquiry Coming – President Lungu

Lusaka ~ Thur, 1 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

President Edgar Lungu has assured that a commission of inquiry to investigate the privatisation of national assets will soon be instituted as Zambians have demanded to know what went wrong during the process.

President Lungu said today when he received a petition for setting up of an inquiry into the privatization process that it is time those who might have misconducted themselves during the privatisation process to answer for their actions.

A consortium of 10 civil society organization and students’ unions presented the petition at State House today on behalf of 40,000.

The Head of State said the topic has been on people’s mind for a long time hence and there is the need to put it to rest.

The President said the law allows him to set up an inquiry without consulting anyone, but added that he will, however, consult so that experts can advise on terms of reference.

And speaking on behalf of students, Evelyn Hone College Student Union president Namwaka Malama said citizens feel that the country was betrayed by those who were given the opportunity to sell national assets during the privatisation process.

Young African Leaders Initiative president Andrew Ntewewe said the national assets were deliberately undervalued for selfish gain.

He said several people died because of privatisation.

Mr Ntewewe then presented a petition with forty thousand signatures requesting the President to set up an inquiry.

Those who presented the petition include students from University of Zambia (UNZA), Copperbelt University (CBU), National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA), Evelyn Hone College and civil society organisations.


  1. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    Yes it is a well come move we even want to know the owner of the 48 houses and the price of the fire trucks set also the inquiry sir

    • Executor

      Lungu has a dirty plan in doing this, he just wants to take an opportunity to try to criminalize hh. HH is smart, he’ll get past this nonsense. Lungu is desperately panicking, he knows he’s about to leave so he wants to do everything in he’s power to still hold on to power.

  2. Pk

    When the president said on people’s minds .who are those people.the poor people living in rural areas or corruptible politicians.it is because of 2021not because of what is on people’s minds

  3. Pk

    Zambia has over 18000000; people what is big ntewewe ,cbu ,nipa , Evelyn,unza 40000 signatures and 18000000 zambians.In Zambia the minority is bigger than majority.muli mpupu naimwe

  4. JMS

    Namwaka malama a half muntu and a half I don’t know,ntewewe a person filed with short brains us he is,listen chaps you think this has been questions in Zambian minds but you will be surprised the person you think is responsible will be a visevesa senario and that comission won’t be alone as you think.you are welcome. You will regret it will start by cleaning all current officials before going back. New accounts are laughing and willing to speak the truth and embarrass criminals. Thats the war ment because criminals will be caught without fear or fevour.

  5. Self Infliction

    Also set enquiry for the 48,Fire tender, gassing,social cash ambulances etc to be draw so that we approve its transparent.

  6. Peeks

    Akafumbe kantu kali pa bwali! ‘Tell us about the Mukula Trees confiscated in Singapore! Ilyo lyashi limbi baka teka! Ma rubbish aya nga tamwishibe!

  7. HervRena

    This ka Andrew Nthewewe is a traitor of genuine progressive Zambians who ends up a buch of fake students just to raise unjustified petitions..Most of those are simple cadres bent to support this regime
    Just for three pieces of copper.This is undemocratic and Animal farm kind of behaviour.

  8. Lookdeeper

    Hakainde Hichilema’s criminality is catching up with him and this will make the end of his political carear

  9. Lundazi eye

    The petition is correct IMF and WORLD BANK policies of cutting and promote private firm with no care a poor man. Let us treat this cancer and solve our economic problem, HH Is no vitime but a witness bcoz did his part. Those in govt appointed 2 sell or do a job 4 zambia 2 b honest bcoz one day judgement wil come 4 them. Any govt worker used by an political leader yo time is coming 4 u

  10. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Ba Lungu, don’t hunt what you can’t kill.
    We know you’re in power,but don’t abuse the office that gives the power. You were there when you sold the public assets. Don’t value the role you played in the process? Was HH your boss by then? Was he the minister of finance by then or the governor? If your eye does not see where they are leading your body,very soon, you’ll regret. MMD, ruled for 20 years. Where were you Sir? If you were interested for the betterment of zambiand,as lawyer,why didn’t you rise the matter? And by then,judiciary wing was operating professionally. Not the way you made it today. Every wing is corrupt. Am sorry for you Mr President. For you don’t see that,you’re being used by your juniors. Your name is dented by those you call officials. You know deep down your mind that,you were there in privatization process. If anything went wrong in the process, where do you think you’re innocent? If it to blame,believe me or not,its the minister of finance and the president himself. HH was not the only one who carried out the process. By this doing doing sir,you’re exposing your dullness fear of HH. If I were you,I could have desolve the so called presidential advisers,and invite real ones who knows ehatvit takes to be s leader. Not those bunches of thieve around you. To them you’re like a worn. Very soon,they will be watching from afar. This twice your Horner.

  11. Former PF Councillor

    The privatisation process. What will the terms of reference be? Edgar Lungu was involved in the privitatsing process. Nawaki too. so was Francis Kaunda, Fredrick Chiluba, Ronald Penza, actually the entire MMD cabinet. a lot of people lost jobs, people died of frustrations and loneliness. Zambia’s social economical life changed for ever. Its very interesting that when people hear privatisation, they think of HH, but a lot will come from this, and actually, it will be to the disadvantage of the PF Government in whose offices still occupy many former MMD cadres who bought houses at 10 Kwacha and gave themselves state entities worth millions at nothing at all. Lungu should just be wise and abandon his third term ambitions because he will end up like his brother in law, Chiluba who died a cursed death.

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