Recently, Zambia Reports reported that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has instructed that his party structures get involved in the online voter registration.

The purpose of UPND getting involved is to cause confusion by entering wrong data so that ECZ is is looked at as an incompetent institution.

Now radio in Ichengelo reports that Police in Kitwe have confiscated computers set up by academician Christopher Mwansa Mulenga at Kamitondo Market to help people with the online pre-voter registration for free.

Police Officers from Riverside Police Station picked up the gadgets together with two people who were found operating the café.

Police argued that the café was set up near a drinking place, a situation they said can be a source of anarchy.

“I find the confiscating strange where a patriotic person provides for people who cannot afford the internet and gadgets to register and police come in to stop them. There must be something terribly wrong in this country,” Mr Mulenga said.

Police have since released the confiscated computers and the two men while ordering Mr Mulenga to discontinue the café exercise.

According to Zambia Reports investigations, Mr Mulenga is a UPND and HH confidant.


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