Kasama ~ Fri, 2 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

With strict instructions from the UPND leadership in Lusaka, UPND cadres have been told to started mobilizing young people and cause confusion and civil unrest in Northern Province.

The plan will look like the youths are demanding the release of Patrick Mucheleka, but the whole purpose of the civil unrest is to make the country ungovernable.

Mucheleka and others were arrested after they ambushed government offices at a National Registration Cards-NRC centre where some government equipment was stolen.

Police charged the trio with aggravated roberry and malicious damage and the matter is currently in court.


  1. Ken Sex Legendary

    As a country we have a police service in place who are equal to the task to anyone causing confusion and civil unrest to the nation. Let them try it otherwise they will regret having done it. These youths are on a path to join their incarcerated colleagues in prison… Lwenu ba guy, tukashala tulemilila abakashi benu!!!!

  2. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Everything upnd, you’re cowards pf guys. Thus way you’re failing to do tight things for such a long period in power. Because you’re wasting your time accusing upnd. When people are planning evil,you can’t see them. But how possible is it that every time upnd is planning this,is planning that. How do you know about it? If you’re sure of your reports,then you’re part of them. When pf are planning, we don’t report or either you don’t see them. Why? They are real planners. You can not plan evil in public. But for pf,we just it happening. No rummers of planning. Shame to you of guys. Do what you’re suppose to do. If it was me, Dorfrlyn Sojin, I could have sue you for force allegations and deformation of character. Idiots.

  3. Tracepassers


  4. Dt

    It’s like the jounerlist here are too biase they are all pf cadres because they are only busy collect news which favours pf. As jounerlist act professional not like this as if u are not educated

  5. Dt

    It’s like the jounerlist here are too biase they are all pf cadres because they are only busy collecting news which favours pf. As jounerlist act professional not like this as if u are not educated

  6. Brian

    You’re right, never heard anything good about the oppositions. I am not a Cadre of any political party nor taken keen interest in political issues, but on this one I can really comment that hatred has taken over our Christianity way of living forgetting that we all have one place to go after we leave this earth and it’s through our deeds in which our destiny will be decided by the almighty God. Like I always say let’s leave politics to the politicians, yes I know that “where elephants fights, the grass suffers and it doesn’t mean that the grass will turn against elephants”. Let our innocent souls not to be used as tools of creating enemity. Remember never through a pot you eat from just because you are hungry no more, you might need it again when you are hungry, be good to people on your way up, you might meet them on your way down, Killing the clock is not making time to stop moving, a word properly translated from one language to another does not change the meaning, a child of God is known by his/her deeds. Let’s be united, we’re a one Zambia, one Nation, hatred does not build, but massively destroys the humanity of one self and us into devilish hearted. Let’s stop this hatred let’s learn to love another no matter what political party we belong to, let’s learn to respect others. God bless us all.

  7. Razor

    So even if the people demand something which is their right you will deem them all to be UPND. And even if it is UPND don’t they also have the same rights to demand as they are also zambians.

  8. Pharaoh

    Your friends berries are enlarging to the extent of bursting, you are busy lamenting .Its just like in the Bible where Thomas did not believe the resurrection of Jesus such that he wanted to fit his finger into his wounds at a time Jesus was crucified. Let’s wet and see .

  9. God Dammit!

    zambia reports is a pf cadre of media news

  10. JMS

    BALETELETE WE NOW KNOW WHO TRUE CADERS ARE. You see the owner of the company no matter how well he may be aslong as his supervisors are doing nothing no did will be made. And works will every now and then staguling to have better management in some cases riots and so on.

  11. Akapondo

    Ba PF check your English. Which School did you go to? ( have been told to started) yaba mr/ mrs/miss journalist go to night school.

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