Lusaka ~ Sat, 03 Oct 2020

BY ZR Reporter

Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) President Sean Tembo – PeP says the disintegration and subsequent “death” of the opposition alliance is because UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a selfish and politically weak politician.

He says Mr Hichilema and his followers have been advancing that every other opposition political party must agree with them and work in concert with them, failure to which, such a political party is a surrogate of the ruling PF.

But he says such moves constitute political blackmail.

“ Mr Hichilema postulates that all opposition political parties must unite in order to remove a ruling party and that it is irresponsible and unpatriotic for us in the Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) to seek our own identity by standing on our own, but the question that l wish to pose to Mr Hichilema is; did he, together with his UPND unite with PF in 2011 to kick out the MMD Government of the day?” he asked.

Mr Tembo has also complained that Mr Hichilema has a habit of using political partners to advance his UPND agenda adding that Mr Hichilema is a politically weak person and he knows it deep down his heart that he does not possess the mental strength and ability necessary to kick out the PF.

“Mr Hichilema is not just a weak guy, he is also a selfish guy, he is not willing to give away even a single constituency or ward in return for the support of people like myself. He wants it all to himself,” he said.

Mr Tembo has further charged that Mr Hichilema’s political career to succeed and for him to enter State House, Mr Hichilema will need the support and assistance of strong political players.

However, he says those strong political players will be unlikely to offer their support for free because of Mr Hichilema’s inborn selfishness.

The PF critic has also brought to the fore that Mr Hichilema has never helped in any way, especially on courts cases against the PF but only want support for his UPND agenda.

“Being politically weak and yet selfish and crooked, Mr Hichilema feels that he is entitled to Sean Tembo’s political support. How dare you sir! Just like Sata and his then PF fought and beat MMD, you sir need to fight and beat PF by yourself. We at PeP shall also seek to fight and beat PF by ourselves. It is each man for himself and God for us all”, he said.

The outspoken Tembo has also gone for opposition NDC leader Chishimba , describing him as a politically naïve person.

He said Mr Kambwili should be dreaming if he thinks Mr Hichilema will give him a position of running mate.

“Even politically naive people like embattled Chishimba Kambwili who think that Mr Hichilema will make him his running mate will soon bite the dust. Now, these two attributes of being politically weak and yet selfish puts Mr Hichilema in a catch 22 situation… and today, you feel that you’re entitled to our support as you seek to fight the Electoral Commission of Zambia on very flimsy matters? Well, you sir can go to hell,” Mr Tembo said.


  1. Kkk

    Boring, stop attacking each other and give us what is best u can give chapwa and u will earn respect not ifyo

    • Interrogator

      sean dumb tembo, you’re as dumb as a chicken

  2. the observer

    Yaba, koma wamuchita mambala HH, Sean Tembo. HH really comes across as not only selfish and crooked but also extremely bitter and lacking in empathy. He would make a terrible leader for Zambia. Let Zambians not make the mistake of voting for him as President.

  3. X4

    HH is owez fond of riding at baks of thoz frm th north nd east for political mileage.one thng whch he fogets is tht lidashp is frm God,if it is not writen in th books of heavens tht hakainde wll die without ruling ths country,no mater hw mch eforts he would put nothing wll matrialise.his folowers wll b singing riging songs until th end of tym.jst a wake up call for th new generation hu may want to join politics.leadership coms frm god.

  4. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    Ba swine tembo muli chisushi Cha mpundu I wish you receive another beatings mu Cairo road from PF cardars

  5. Koswe

    This boy his aim was to undermine. Mr sata failed he mmd miles away hakainde remained stinking in tribal grouping. Nevers Mumba cried for insulting Christ. Mr kambwili is a prisoner wants hakainde to assist him using to him to insult the president we are ready to sort them out

  6. Ngoma Yamaano

    The weak person is Sean Tembo who had chosen to join an alliance with HH and UPND whom he nows claims to be weak and selfish? Indeed the beating Sean Tembo got from PF cadres has impaired him and made him even weaker and a more self centred bigot!

  7. JMS

    Reconciling, regrouping and mingling with a guy like Sean tembo means being with a sickness person who is able to shift from embarrassments to another without shame. Today tembo is willing to say such word to a person he accused of serious things. Tembo is a 🐐 who is not ashamed of his actions. I tell you if you don’t have to advise your tribe mates it means you are also the same, makaka.

  8. JMS

    To me all Sean tembo supporters are useless and please I being even your wife if you have has a hand to be blamed because it sims she isn’t well enough to stand with this half creature without minds you think a brave person can associate a goat like you.

  9. B

    God help us surely, where is this hatred coming from. This is not good at all love your neighbor as you love yourself,I believe that what’s the Bible clearly states, but why hate someone whose never offended you, politics come and goes, but the word of God will remain, they say “do not speak ill against your brother, because the same will be spoken to you hundred times than you did to your brother, Bembas say” umo wapisha umunobe naiwe ubushiku bumo emo bakakupisha”. Speaking of death, I know all us are going to die one day just like our friends and relatives who have left us, they say “when we die, there’s only one place where we’ll go and that’s back to the soils where we all came from as we await for the judgement day, where we will be judged according to our deeds, but what surprises me is that, we all are here enjoying life, mistreating our fellow friends, wrongly judging others, wrongly pointing accusing fingers against others, hating each other for no good reason, forgetting that this is not our home we’re just renting, as we are here on we should start preparing materials that we are going to use building our homes in heaven than depending on these earthly rented homes. This is not the time to be hating each other, it’s time we should learn to love and forgive one another, I know politics are everywhere around the world, but love and forgiveness is beyond all these. One Zambia One Nation, may the good Lord bless us all and forgive our sins as we forgive those who trespass against us against us, may he deliver us from evil, Amen

  10. Galu sazankhapo munthu

    The politicians in Zambia have no vision .

  11. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Saen Tembo.
    You sound to be very arrogant. You know nothing in politics. I suggest that you shirt up your dirt mouth. Who do you have in Parliament or in the council? Childish manners. You think attacking your fellows can help you what? The people you’re attacking has people in the government. Did you ever heard HH attacking any other opposition the way you have done? Don’t come in the field with junkies mind okay. Shame to you Sean Tembo, fool.

  12. Kennedy Chiti

    This is a wake up call from Mr. Sean Tembo to all political leaders in the opposition. There are questions we need answered as Zambians, and some are as follows;
    1.Why do why we need opposition parties?
    2. Why are opposition leaders not united?
    3. Why is there confusion in the united political front which was formed?
    4. Why has UPND failed to make workable political alliances with other parties in Zambia, Could it be that UPND is more focused than their political partners?

    The opposition has to unite and throw away pride but have the poor suffering Zambians at heart and not these fights we are seeing now. It’s like there is more to gain to be president of the republic of Zambia that’s why these guys can not compromise

  13. Joe

    Mr Sean tembo what’s is really the problem with you.You need to bahave like a grown up man also behave like one who has gone to school.You need to learn from those who started long time.Dnt rush no one knows the future God loves us all.

  14. Integrity

    PEP some of us we’re going to suffer bcos this HH is rich and will loose nothing. Just want to help us with his entrepreneurs. Wake up from slumber you who always wantcramps which fall from the table. Wen are going to be eating your own money than on silver plate.
    -You there who were the first settlers in Northen Rhodesia?
    – when was Zambia born date,year,time.
    -Which town was the 1st capital citiy of Zambia.
    -which one was 2nd and which yr.
    Which town was 3rd capital city of Zam and yr
    -which town was the 4th capital cry of Zambia and yr.
    Mr Sean Tembo can you do wth your PEP where if HH has not paid tax you cannot have salaries for your employees. Advising is what you don’t know bcos you’re far kms behind between Him and you. Mind your tongue you well paid but the grass ( youths )are suffering banee.
    -Vision my dear . Better to eat amashola with HH uwashishita WITH a PEACE of MIND than eating on a Banquent TABLE that is FULL of trouble.

  15. Jata Pay

    Sean Tembo is the first elder I’ll give the title of disgruntled elder in Zambia. He is speaking from his tummy which is really sad. If only he could speak from his head then he would be sensible. He is the one bound for hello hello because he is betraying majority zambian who can hardly survive on one meal a day

  16. But how do you know that he is not chosen by God, yourself?

    But how do you know if Hichilema is not chosen by God?

  17. Lethal Weapon

    Shaun Tembo stop pretending to be a leader of an opposition party.That la party is actually too small to be called a political party,it’s more like a ka NGO.
    Stop attacking a president of the largest opposition party,are you not the one who was complaining that some strangers have been coming to your farm house at night…that they even removed one of the exterior doors to your house….careful ka.

  18. Truth

    No one knows the future apart from God. Why are you attaking each other…… think about the end of this word. Where are you going to be? The trueth is ‘ the word is soon ending.’ Rev 12:22 even the enemy knows that his time too short to complete his work. Jesus is coming soon to judge you according to your works and you are busy insulting one another………….? And politicians why cant u think about emproving our country’s ecconomy? Zambia is looking for leaders who has the heart for this country not you who are self centered. Zambian politicians scrambles for positions not because they want to do something good for zambian people but for their own enterest. God will punish you. Again the big problem is that Zambia doesn’t have strong opposition party which can convince people…………. pick sence from no sence.

  19. Rex Mutale

    I totally agree 💯% with what Seer1 said that… Any opposition leader who attacks the fellow opposition leader is an idiot

  20. AK-47

    pep president sean tembo is memtally ill, forget about him. HH is real to fix the economy of Zambia.

  21. Yaya

    I like the composure of HH who never responds to such nonsense from Sean Tembo..ignore him.
    HH is very mature..look at GBM too..he said alot of things upon his exit from upnd,but HH was quiet coz he can’t waste his energies on what matters less..eyes on the ball you with a vision.

  22. Lucky

    Zambians need a political party with solutions nd not a plaintiffc party to attend court sessions yeilding no profit for citizens.Wamvera tembo

  23. Lion Of Africa

    Where are you coming from to start saying those words
    He HH is the president of the Great opposition party in Zambia
    He has a lot things to offer to this nation than talking and attending to worthless words from someone like you
    If he decides to withdraw all his monies from the bank of Zambia and shares from different companies in this nation
    It will take years for them to prepare and give him
    In shot terms they can be a crisis never seen
    Mind the way you come out trying to be heard

  24. Tuckson

    mr hichilema hakainde is a person who, don’t like talking talking, so please don’t talk bad things to him in the name of jesu’s, ….

  25. Sanford

    The problem is with us people we are the ones to manifest by doing what is right on the election day. We normally forget how things are in our country when the election day comes.

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