Opposition Should Prepare For Loss In 2021 – Veep

Lusaka ~ Fri, 02 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

Vice-President Inonge Wina says the opposition should prepare themeselves for a huge loss in the 2021 elections.

Mrs Wina was speaking in Parliament this morning during the Vice-President’s question and answer session that the imminent loss of the opposition is seen through their allegations on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), actions which are meant to prepare the minds of Zambians ahead of their defeat.

She said it is challenging to note that institutions such as ECZ are being weakened for political expediency.

Mrs Wina has called for safeguarding of institutions that are created to champion democracy.

She was responding to PF Chitambo MP Chanda Mutale who wanted to know why the Opposition is maligning ECZ and accusing it of rigging next year’s general elections.


  1. Anthobalacho

    Let 2021 come u r going 2 see, this iz time 4 change Lesa temunenu

    • Old Lady

      Inonge is only saying what she’s saying bcoz they know that they’ll rig elections next year. But is time around they’re are the ones who should prepare to lose. PF out come August next year

  2. Bosco

    Wins will go into hibernation in 2021.

  3. muntu wandi

    The opposition will not rule Zambian paka 2026

  4. opposition

    Get out u think this is your grandma’s 👵 country failures always want winning,we want change how I wish I had power to bring back sata some of u would have said am not pf

    • freedom fighter

      If sata was to be brought back Dora would have runned away from pf

    • X4

      Change for wat nd wth who?nt HH hu looted our mine,im confident tht th comision of inquiry shal soon b set nd if found guilty he must b caged b4 feb.nxt year we ar tired of seing hs face on our balot papers.thoz hu thnk 2 provinces can ascend samone to presidency must b jokers.

      • Dt

        I won’t blame u because u have eyes but u can’t see I feel pity for u. Do u Kno the owner of 48 houses,fire tanders or maybe you are from USA where things are still ok, but if u are from Zambia I don’t think u would have said so. U don’t want HH to stand as a president then who do u want ( your father or your mother to stand) don’t be too lazy in terms of thinking 😠😠😠

        • X4

          I dnt blame u.bt yo empty skull.its u nd yo lazy clan hu ar sufering,th pf gvt has rilizd huge sum of mony jst to empower empty headed homosapiens lik u bt all u do is to frustrate any positivs they put on table.who is HH to transfom ZED in minets?since u guys sound to b more satanic vot for hm while thoz wth brains shal vote for ecl whom we ve tested so far .

      • Useless leaders in Zambia

        X4 you are a very big fool, you mother f… k. r

  5. Rigged elections

    Such careless statements make Zambians believe PF Will rig elections

  6. The Saint

    Let them create a level playing field like allowing the opposition to campaign.She will swallow her words.

  7. JMS

    Muma sholi nimina ima. Kapa semuli masholi nimina.

    • X4

      Mulozi yasina ngana inge wena ukashwela mwa bulozi.th problm wth sam of u zambians is laziness u thnk ths idiot HH can turn zambia into paradise,neva at all .thea z a rizon y God is preventin ths manson to rule us.any let me nt

  8. Chaya diga lungu

    I used to look up to mama Wina when I was growing up but not anymore coz she’s become a shadow of her own self, she used to inspire me a lot but she irritates me. What comes out of her mouth is useless, nonsense and she’s become very arrogant.

  9. Rubbish

    There goes election riggers, talking nonsense. You gonna swallow your stupid words come 2021 and I can only advise you to begin to do what right for Zambians before 2021 or else you die with depression after August 12.2021

  10. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Ima amunang’na. Amuine fela.

    • Pharaoh

      Yes.if we want change, it can happen as long as there’s a suitable candidate who shows the leadership qualities and should convince the entire country just like Mr Micheal Chilufya Data did(MHRIP).Am tired of only hearing squabbles moistly between PF and UPND parties why not the rest.In fact just had some one proposed last time,too many opposition political parties at present, will not achieve anything in winning the coming elections without forming a coalition gvt.Even a blind person can assume PF will emerge victorious. On this plat form,everyone is allowed to express his or her views at the same time its quite misleading.This is the only time for the opposition political parties to make a nice strategy if they would want to come and light at the end of the tunnel. Ndeloleshafye.

  11. Skylövër

    Madam are you not ashamed of yourself hur and you are old enough why can’t you just retire from politics please

  12. Razor

    Whether PF or UPND win next year, one thing is for sure this woman will be a complete non entity next year as not even PF can give her a position next year.

  13. kubweka

    Bo Inonge don t you think you should be looking into the mess the country is going through instead of campaigning? The only thing you are fighting to stay in power is the fear of being answerable to us the people for the plunder of our country.

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