President Lungu Is Committed To Improving Lives Of Zambians, Says Zimba

Special Assistant to the President for Political Affairs Chris Zumani Zimba has said that President Edgar Lungu is committed to improving the lives of  Zambians in whichever way possible.

Speaking on Friday during a Fundraising dinner for the ECL Multi-purpose Empowerment Cooperative (ECL-MPEC), Mr Zimba said the Head of State was determined to turn things around for many Zambians through empowerment programmes.

The presidential aide said President Lungu was focused on empowering the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through material support for growth of their businesses.


  1. Razor

    He has completely shattered the lives of zambians and yet you are still saying he is committed to improve? For starters let him take the economy to where he found it before he took over then we shall talk about others issues like good democratic principles etc.

  2. Danny Ryder

    How many Zambian are jobless, you can sing praise just because you are close with empowerment wakeup and watch what’s happening in Zambia from a far you can cry homeboy


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