There’s No Way PF Will Lose 2021 Polls – President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says there is no way he and his party will lose power in a country like Zambia where a lot of people are involved in agriculture and they have seen the ruling party’s commitment to agriculture.

Speaking when he met headman and women in Lufwanyama on Saturday during three day working visit to Copperbelt Province, the Head of State said the PF has done very well in improving the agricultural sector.

He said it is lies that the PF is killing farmers, when it has done well in terms of farming.

“If you think we will still be in power, you will vote for our councilor, council chairperson and MP, but I can tell you, we will still be in power. The reason why I am saying this is that those people who didn’t know me, they now know me that there is Edgar Lungu, the President. A few knew me, now they know me,” he said.

“They will lie here and there that we’re killing farmers, that’s not true. We have done a lot for the farmers and because of that, there is no way we will lose power in a country like Zambia where a lot of people are involved in agriculture and they have seen that we are committed in agriculture and we have done very well. Therefore I can assure you that 2021, we are coming back with full force and more numbers.”

He said those who will choose to go to the opposition will remain in the opposition and not see development because opposition MPs and others are told not to work with the government.


  1. Lundazi chasefu chama road

    I love agriculture and govt input has change my life. But my cry is lundazi chasefu chama road is bad state, we need a tarmark road and poor drainage is eating up our roads. Dispossible roads are hav short life. GOD Wil change our story if a man fails and come 2021 again pf wil win. Rigging real in opposition eye but pipo who take party in election knows it is clean game

  2. Mike

    The PATRIOTIC FRONT GORVENMENT is leaving no one behind

  3. Njovu shylock

    Vaboza che…..

  4. Man c

    A bag of fertilizer in chikankata district is k600 .. Of which last year it was at k300. We contributed k2000 knowing that we will have at least 6 bag in k2000. But has at now its so difficult for us chikankata residents to to do agricultural purposes.. … Please Mr president note this one. In mkushi per sack its k300 but how come in chikankata its k600 per bag. We request to our president and the PF Government to please set one price that will accommodate everyone in this country. Chikankata MP please work like a wise man. This is just a reminder and an equaliser.

    • Alick Phiri

      HH has shares in some fertilizer company why can’t he talk to them to reduce prices if is a good leader

  5. Razor

    Ask Rupiah that’s what he used to say also.

  6. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    Ruphia cryied maibabooo you will know that Zambians are clever

    • Wiseman from the east

      UPND are winners on social media

      • Kashimba kaoma

        Lungu recently acknowledged having lost both 2015 and 2016 polls. He is in statehouse only because they rigged and themselves on the pipo. Lungu lost and he is now so confident of his rigging schemes. Thats all!

  7. Lethal Weapon

    There’s no way p.f will continue in power after next year…the country has been damaged in all aspects….

  8. Charles mudenda

    Mr President, I wish u knew what it takes to b a farmer. Farming inputs have really become extremely expensive coupled with ur restrictions on markets which can profit a farmer. Don’t b cheated sir, we r at a lose from ur policies.


      Let’s do a smple arithmatic thn we’ll agree wth hm or nt .U nid 6bags of maize 4 u 2 ve 1bag of fertilisr.Total lie ECL

  9. Tres

    You say no way you will loose election??? There is only one way in Zambia- through the ballot.

  10. joseph.mwape

    Disolve parliament and see what Wii happen

  11. Anthobalacho

    Mwanawasa umunobe uko tamuvotele eko ayambile ukuwamya palast balisa mutemwa, nomba imwe lufwanyama tamwaiposaka amano lwenu ileisa 2021

  12. Phiri Samuel

    Mr President really appreciate to areas or things you have done well but our worry is why you have turned a blind eye on Contructors who are doing shadow works in the area of agriculture and you are very relaxed on corruption cases within the government. Why?have you got interest in them?

  13. Bernard Nyukwa

    For Sure Your Execellency You Are Doing Very Well As Far As Agriculture But With Improving The Conditions Of Servince For Civil Servants Especially In Terms Of Salary Increment, Your Government Have Not Done Much Sir. Consider Also That Your And Victory Will Be Certain

  14. soci a list

    Compare and contrast what is happening in the USA.
    Choice is between Trump ( evil elitist crony capitalists, our own are Lungi and HH) and Biden ( Caring for the underprivileged, our own is Fred M’membe, the socialist party leader)
    Vote wisely.

  15. Villager

    Agriculture can uplift lives but we are still left behind may I suggest that we move from the E voucher system to cardless for the rural areas

  16. Jmasebo

    God knows who will win and who will not, it’s surprising when someone is trying to predict sth which is unpredictable, as Zambia is a Christian nation, let’s leave it for God, who knows the answer of 2moro and never make those fake and unreliable utterances .

  17. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Mr president Lungu you’re not being fair to the people you’re leading. You’re fooled by those around you. They don’t tell you the truth on the ground. They’re telling force repoets. No one is happy with your governance sir. Everything has gone wrong in the country if you don’t know sir. The farmers you’re talking about, are crying. The farming input are very expensive, and your government is buying at a cheaper rate, do you think you’re making sense? There is nothing good you have done for the people of Zambia sir. Only misusing The public resources

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