Kicks Of A Dying Horse: The Case Of UPND

The toxicity of the opposition UPND has reached extremely alarming levels. This opposition political party is up to nothing but completely disturbing the proper functioning of government systems and State institutions, with a calculated goal of getting into power.

But it is clear to see through all their antics championed by their leader Hakainde Hichilema that these are kicks of a dying horse.
It is not strange for this opposition party to only see bad in whatever the government is trying to do for the people of Zambia, no matter how many people praise the efforts. It’s not difficult to see that the venom that this opposition political party is spewing on the government is simply because of its insatiable appetite for power and not because they want to use that power to the benefit of Zambians. This kind of hate is very dangerous! And, again, we say these are just kicks of a doing horse ready to be buried after 2021.

Not long ago, this opposition party sponsored an article which ran on their propaganda platform, Watchdog, where they claimed that the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the PF were going to use dead people in the voter register to rig the 2021 elections. Now that the ECZ wants to remove the dead people from the voters’ register who are in excess of a million, by coming up with a new roll, the UPND is objecting the process using the same tired claims of attempts to rig the coming elections!

What kind of opposition thinks in this manner? Is it difficult to swallow all pride and just accept that what is being done is for the benefit of all Zambians, including the opposition political parties? The UPND will lose nothing by, for once, accepting the fact that the government of the PF has been extremely proactive ahead of 2021 to ensure that the electoral process does not disadvantage any player.

It is this unreasonable behaviour that will forever make this UPND think Zambians hate their leaders. No, Zambians do not hate your leaders, UPND; what Zambians do not like is your behaviour where they can easily tell between your personal interests in this whole undertaking and not the desire to serve.


  1. Dt

    This is pf media get out

  2. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Mental blinded fools. You’re supporting your leader so that you continue stealing public resources. Bakwindi

  3. S m

    This kind of reporting isn’t good. pf media


    Good analysis, but the Upnd itself is also benefiting in the developmental programs of the PF,its only that they are in the opposition front

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