Micho Determined to Establish Iron Discipline in Chipolopolo

We are determined to establish iron discipline, absolute order, organisation and fanatic hard work with family atmosphere, says Chipolopolo coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevic.

And Micho says he is happy FAZ president Andrew Kamanga only focusses on providing logistics to the team and never imposing players on the technical bench.

During a media briefing on the post-mortem of the FIFA window friendly matches, Micho said that his decision to expel Kabaso Chongo was guided by sports logic and not emotions.

Micho said any player called to the national team must be ready to play, be on the bench or out of the bench.

“I would like to say there is nothing personal there is no issue whatsoever. So  for the times ahead of us any player called to  the national team not ready for the  three case  scenario to play, to sit or be off  the bench as per decision of  the technical team, that person is wasting his own time,” said Micho.

“We are determined to establish iron discipline absolute order and organisation and fanatic hard work with family atmosphere.”

He said, “”I would like us to function under a fanatic hard work because we are far from every person every player being the best] version of himself. I would like us to function on absolute order and organization every minute and moment that we know what we are doing and of course.   I would like us function under iron discipline that whatever is normal we follow and whatever is abnormal is unacceptable.”

Micho says he was also looking a functional chemistry in his central defence partnership and also the rest of his squad.

“I need to tell  you that  each and every player  and person involved  are  my personal friends but when it is a question of professional work  I put  all the emotions aside and strictly put my best as the guardian of Zambia,” he said.

“When you look at  the first  thing that I have monitored  is  the  behaviour of  the outfield player, outfield behaviour  meaning how players are  showing belonging  to  the group? How the chemistry of the group is functioning?”

“It is like being a driver of the bus and then you need to look at the situation on the road how your passengers are behaving in order to know what it will happen in the match.”

The man fondly christened the Serbian Wolf says his charges are already focusing on November clash with Botswana.

“But an invisible match is now on as we are talking, we are planning ahead in the future for the double header against Botswana in November,” he said.

“But you will see 180 minutes in Lusaka and Gaborone but us we are planning far ahead off the field so those are the standards, criteria and benchmarks that we have on the field.”

Micho also hailed Kamanga for being professional in managing the affairs relating to the national team.

“I have been 27 years in Africa and I can tell you that FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has never mentioned call this player or play this player. For him it is only to provide the best possible conditions so that I could not ask questions or make any excuse,” he said.

Micho’s squad has just concluded a three-game international window that saw Zambia beat Malawi 1-0 before losing 2-1 to Kenya and rebounded with the same result over Bafana Bafana.

Zambia is preparing to play Botswana next month in back-to-back fixtures in the Cameroon 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.



  1. Pimpa Mazai

    He knows what he is doing.Obviously one can only take a blame when they’ve made their own decisions without outside interference.He wants to take responsibility solely so that whatever results he gets r liable to himself be it a loss or a win.

  2. JMS

    For sure discpline is needed but saying ironing it is a lair discpline depends on human response nomatter how you force it, I congratulate the way yuka Godfrey took his players, he was definitely a coaech and a father who could protect and maintain the same behaviours of players mtsrip, look at coach who took us to Africa cup and learn the tactics he used. Its too early to boast just do your work,we need you and I edge those needing good names for themselves to let the coach do his work thats so.

  3. Musyani

    Let the team win,side shows not interested.

  4. dean

    You guys you’re too slow to bring the information to your Zambia report.something that happened may 2 days ago or 3 ago you find that you are posting today,no it shouldn’t be like should stop this habit.

  5. Daniel Banda

    I hope the players will take this coach seriously. He seems to be determined to change the Zambian mentality of winning the game before it’s played and the lack of seriousness during the match.

  6. Anyliser

    Its just as useless a news site as mwebantu news site is note worthy reading it

  7. Michael Mwila

    Looking forward for the match coach, Go Zambia 🇿🇲

  8. edgar chibuta

    Micho you are a coach and a teacher so the best that can be done to such like ones is to educate them on such philosophical teachings instead of expelling them as if at some time you may not bank on them. Kamanga is today silent on such issues but it is clear that Kabaso is a Zambian while Micho is not and the latter is likely to leave this country as long as the contract is discharged in full or partially. Zambian have now resorted to giving this coach a lot of powers at the expense of the Zambian soccer player. Any way efyo mwangala ukulacusha baka player

  9. Mwalule

    Our players are big headed off and on the field . They don’t put in their last drop of energy and and commitment. That’s why they get finished fast.

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