Lusaka ~ Thur, 15 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people says Zambians should not be excited with political agitators who want to enter State House with or without votes.

Speaking before a closed door meeting with former Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, the traditional leader called for peace and unity in the country, saying no one should be allowed to agitate tension in the country.

“Let us not be excited by political agitators who want to enter State House with or without votes. Political differences should always exist but within the perimeters of peace,” he said.

The traditional leader added that political parties should explain what they will do if they win an election and not preaching hatred.

And the traditional leader has called for peace and unity in the country, urging Zambians to continue praying for peace.

The Chitimukulu urged the Catholics to use the rosary to pray for peace in the country.

Chitimukulu further condemned tribalism, saying the trend is becoming tense but advised that it should be ended immediately, especially that the country has some inter-tribal marriages.


  1. Edgar Chimbwi Mushololwa Lungu

    This is what you call two in one. Idiot and a stupid fool. Wait! Is that three in one? ” A saka kanta tubi a tent…saka li saka”.

  2. Jah ruess

    Then lead by Example batata,and all your subjects will follow ,otherwise on the issue of tribalism,. This Great Nation is engulfed in it,because of some selfish individuals who want to hold on to power as if its there birthright… So you chiefs ,you should always be preaching about unity,no matter your tribe or were you come from, we are one Zambia and we One Nation,, let’s be united.

  3. Tikambepo

    If the the bemba chief says that some people or parties are agitators and they want to enter state house by force we should NOT be too excited to conclude that what the chief has said is sensible NO but we should also ask him what he meant when uttering those divisive sentiments.

  4. AM

    My chief these are wise words, but fools they have no room to take any advise unless you support them in their foolish deeds.

  5. SOS

    We don’t want kandile chiefs to talk nonsense at the expense being up there forgetting that their subordinates are wallowing in abject poverty and them are earning salaries month in and month out.

  6. GBM

    Naiwe mind on your business mudala iwe ufuna ndani kuti akakalepo pamupando uyo munthu wako anakhalapo and akalipo laka bayake bankhalepo kapena vingachinjeko vinthu.

  7. FuManchu

    So this is “The Mwine Lubemba” speaking and I wonder why him and his counterpart in the south of the country like inviting bees to themselves! Too talkative always want to be heard like the current crop of government leaders who have to spew divisive “noise” like Lusambo and Davies Mwila and these two very senior chiefs join in! Is there hope for guidance and wise counsel expected from an elder whose voice is heard daily in the village! These chiefs need not feel offended and not even their subjects as the “bee stings” they get are by their invitation!

  8. Konto

    But why insulting his royal Highness when in anuses you cry for freedom of speech and expression. Let’s keep on insulting and see if a country can develop on hate speech.

  9. JMS

    Nowander kings say sense, when I normally see how Queen Elizabeth behaves, I’m astonished to know how these indunas are doing, even AM can open his marsol to this tribalistic person, such people makes others to stereotype, which is too bad for the nation.grow in mind.

  10. JMS

    We don’t need chiefs who are more than parents not teachers of hate, tribalism, criminality and so on, but sorry to hypocrites nomatter how you advise or tell them it sims some people were born to be stubborn, nowander Zambia won’t develop unless these hates are cleared and you reporters you should know and analyse what you receive when needing people to hear it.

  11. YouTube

    Even chiefs are now politicians. Wonders shall end

  12. simutowe simutowe

    whn u ar a pupet u ar pupet if sata was alive u could not hv been there continue praisn pf

  13. 2yk

    When the likes of Mukuni speaks it’s fine with certain people but when Paramount Chief Chitimukulu speaks it becomes tribal

  14. Sosa B

    That’s why late president SATA did not was this senseless man to be a chief he knew what kind of witch he is and his cadre character.

  15. Sosa B

    Late president SATA did not want and not (was) error.

  16. Koswe

    When chiefs in southern speak in favor of hakainde you don’t insult them you people why is it so?when hakainde insults the mwine. Lubemba you rejoice when the mwine. Lubemba reacts you say he is a tribalist your idiocy will not take you anywhere. One thing you must know is that hakainde will never win a presidential election he is a loser as yourselves

  17. Shimwana

    Why are you obsessed with Hakainde?The article is about Chitimukulu but here you are talking about HH.If HH was not a potential president you would not be talking about him the same way you dont talk ablut Kalaba,Mutati ,Nervers,Muliokela.talking about him only betrays your fears as mwankoles when told to account for your wealth

    • BABA

      For hh to win the forth coming elections, that will surely be a miracle. Mwe bantu, isha mushili Ku mwesu shaba shakuchindikisha. Peleni imfumu due respect, twapapata!

  18. Nshilimubemba

    What Zambians don’t know is that there is poverty in America, there is poverty in India there is poverty UK there is poverty in the whole world people sleeping in streets , there is no country on this earth where there is no poverty, anyone telling you that he will end poverty is a lier don’t believe him.

  19. Razor

    This chief is the biggest agitator of them all. Everytime he opens his mouth its a controversy and he thinks he is too clever.

  20. JMS

    I can see culprits here Nshilimubenba, koswe and 2yk these three are impossible to change nomatter how civilization appeared in this world the still believe what their grandfather toid them about impossibly, my friends, we,we believe in our lord jesus Christ who taught us that with faith change can be obtained, but shame I can’t understand why you will participate in this called– prayers and fasting, for what if you don’t have faith, criminals.

  21. Abashitina

    Can you make a difference between kingship and presidency,ifimano fyabuloshi

  22. Luapula

    Please ba chititmukuku,i can advise you to stop preaching hatred,and secondly run away from politics,becouse you not a politician, you are a traditional leader, you should support everyone’,who is a Zambian citizen.thank you sir,

  23. niso Kodibba

    Stop creating propaganda…If Upnd president said corrupt politicians. is that chief among them or are Bemba’s only corrupt politicians in Zambia why getting annoyed. So it means all those against hh s words u are suporting corupt politician & u don’t undustand negativities of corruption.


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