Chief Ndungu Succession Goes to Court

The battle for succession dispute for the late senior Chief Ndungu of the Luvale speaking people of Zambezi District in North Western Province has been taken to court.

The Lusaka High Court has since ordered Chinyama Ngundu who is also sub chief lingoji of Chavuma to stop masquerading as senior Chief Ndungu after being installed by Chief Kucheka.


This follows an injunction obtained by Chief Chinyama of the Luvale speaking people of Zambezi District of North Western Province who submitted that Chinyama Kafwale who was installed on the throne by Chief Chinyama Chamukwamayi is the rightful person to ascend to the throne.


Chief Chinyama had submitted to the High Court citing irregularities in the installation to the throne of Chinyama Ngundu by Chief Kucheka.


The succession to the throne of senior Chief Ndungu has been marred by controversy following the emergence of two camps following the death of the traditional leader in January.

According to Chief Chinyama, Kafwale is the rightful successor of the Ndungu throne who people have chosen through their representatives in the royal establishment.


Sub Chief Lingoji is now expected to leave the royal house and prove in court how he got to the throne.


The matter comes up in court on the 29th October 2020.


  1. Grephan kakumbi

    Very shameful behavior by our chief chinyama.

  2. JMS

    Family issues.

  3. Non-Partzan.

    In our old days before chiefs were put on salaries, the succession was done by following the family tree. Chiefs had even total control of their subjects unlike these days. You can’t expect the chief to have respect when there are two camps.

  4. FuManchu

    I fear this maybe a dying institution! True @ Non-Parzan, attraction to being salaried has overshadowed “following the family tree” and family divisions are now abetted by political influence. Dr. Nyerere had good reason to ban this traditional institution for it forced government to be drawn into family feuds interfering with focus on national development agenda. Years ahead Zambia may have a leader who may follow steps of Nyerere!

  5. JMS

    This can occur to any tribe and very very quickly it has to be solved within that tribe, but no reasonable people wouldn’t fight unless these uneducated elders who happen to speak Engilish instead of English, they have become a threat even to the nation or by supporting anyhow due to the same, (kobili kobili).


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