Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale is tomorrow, Saturday October 17th expected to lead a high-powered delegation for the final inspection of the 923m long rail and road Kazungula Bridge Project (KBP).

Hon. Mwale is expected to undertake the final inspection of the Bridge together with his counterpart from Botswana Hon. Thulangano Segokgo, Minister of Transport and Communications.

The Minister’s delegation is expected to include officials from his Ministry, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zambia Revenue Authority, the Department of Immigration, National Road Fund Agency and Zambia Railways together with the implementing Agency, Road Development Agency (RDA).

On Wednesday, during a joint media breakfast held jointly by the road sector agencies, RDA in Lusaka, RDA Acting Director and Chief Executive Officer Eng. George Manyele announced that the Kazungula Bridge has reached 100% completion point.

“The state of the art Kazungula Bridge has reached 100% completion and soon the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Hon. Vincent Mwale will be undertaking a final inspection of the bridge.” Eng. Manyele told the media.

The 923m long rail and road Kazungula Bridge Project (KBP) is a joint multi-national project between Zambia and Botswana and has been co-financed by the two governments.

The extra dosed cable stayed bridge is located at the confluence of the Zambezi and Chobe rivers about 65km upstream the mighty Victoria Falls.

The bridge is also part of the North South corridor which carries about 85% of the regional freight traffic dominated by trading activities of Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa.

The Road Development Agency (RDA) and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Botswana are the executing agencies.

The Kazungula Bridge is expected to boost trade and commerce between the two nations and also increase economic activities and prospects of other land linked countries such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique.

The Kazungula Bridge project consists of three packages.

Package one is the actual 923m long rail and road bridge which now stands at 100% complete while package 2 is the one stop border post on the Botswana side and package 3 is the one stop border post on the Zambian side.

The Kazungula bridge is expected to improve efficiency of transit traffic and reduction on the prolonged periods of time that local and international freight would have to spend on either side of the border.

The bridge is also envisaged to Improve Border management operations at One Stop Border Facilities on either side of the two countries.

The Kazungula Bridge has answered all the challenges imposed by the existing ferry service that has been taking 2 trucks when crossing the Zambezi River.


  1. Koswe

    Ba mwankole can’t see how president. Lungu and his government are performing since 1964 there has been no bridge in just 8years there it is shame on you. It is. Lungu come 2021 he has where to point.others no where pf. Pf. Pf. Pf. Pf. Pf. Pf up to 2064

    • Laugh

      You, this is mwanawasa’s govt that embarked on this joint project.

      • Are you dreaming or what? You're saying the bridge started in 2007?Are you a zambians? Or you're just ashamed?

        Are you dreaming or what? You’re saying the bridge started in 2007? Are you a zambians or just ashamed of the development?

        • Deric Hachiswenya

          2007 where? Whether you like it or not just give credit to PF govt for starting and finishing the project. You must be the ones who were saying it’s a failed project. On paper it could have started earlier but MMD as usual were afraid of implementing it

        • Seanmac

          KK’s UNIP government spoke about such a project back in their day. It’s just not a PF project at all.

    • Bowman Chipuba

      Lungu is the last person to take credit for this project. This project was proposed a long time ago and the feasibility studies undertaken in the MMD Government and the only thing Lungu did was to sebanya Zambian by not fulfilling the Zambian Government financial obligation. This behaviour led to the project not being delivered on time as planned.

      • Ceejay

        Only fools would think like that in short am saying you are a fool

    • Alick Phiri

      Only fulish people can say that

    • Reas

      Only ignorant person can say that the feasibility studies started in MMD by Japan Government Engineers

    • Lol

      Iwe, this was a project embarked on by Mwanawasa.. Lungu has done nothing by himself.. everything he has done he found it already planned. He has had no vision. He is working on the vision of Mwanawasa and Sara.

  2. King pethias aka sugar boy forever

    So amazing that is what we want to see job well done

    • R

      Well done

      • George Phiri

        I would like to commend Botswana and Zambia for the successfull completion of the Kazungula road and rail bridge. Job well done. Congratulations.

  3. Musyani

    Job well done

  4. X4

    2021 on other walk over for lungu,I’m saprizd today I cnt see thoz neg. Coments frm th pro-upnd symphathysers wea have they gone 2?kolopa

    • Little

      #X4, all upnd are blind they can’t see this! For those that can see you they are busy looking for negatives of this bridge. Apparently difficult to find.

      • Felix

        Iwe this not the pf you’ve heard that the project was co-financed by two governments not by pf imwe if you’re not ama fontini ninshi muli ma seventeen work up imwe bamwankole bamushanina bwali

    • Now those you are saying to point, did they found a government before?, and that bridge it's a plan from Mwanawasa's 2030 vision what can you tell us.?

      Now those you are saying to point, did they found a government before?, and that bridge it’s a plan from Mwanawasa’s 2030 vision what can you tell us.?

  5. R

    Well done

  6. Lucky

    It’s a beauty! Well done ECL and your team!

  7. Kalok

    Did they pay their portion back to Botswana?

  8. Easy

    Their portion back to Botswana!! Meaning what?

  9. flora

    Well done iindeed.

  10. Jk

    In life you have to say thank you where you have seen is good for the nation negative words will never uplift you but bring you down and you will never see anything good has long has you don’t say thank you for the good work we have to learn to thank eachother has a public to put our mother land Zambia a place to stay and love for everyone. This is good development to Zambia and Botswana we have done it God bless you all

  11. Donal Kirk

    Very well done on the bridge but what about the road to Sesheke? Finish the job

    • Now those you are saying to point, did they formed a government before?, and that bridge it's a plan from Mwanawasa's 2030 vision what can you tell us.? Y

      Now those you are saying to point, did they formed a government before?, and that bridge it’s a plan from Mwanawasa’s 2030 vision what can you tell us.?

  12. Tapera Mukwayira

    Well done

  13. AM

    Great work my government

  14. kwador

    my rulling goverment is working hard fintu ni ni ba Lungu

    • Means the all world

      This is the only mistakes you’re making,this project was initiated by HE Michael chilufya sata sc may his sow rest in peace not abo ba lungu abashakwata vision for Zambia

      • T. H

        That’s a good job well done. Don’t blame and get annoyed easily for simple reasoning. Even the journey from Egypt to Canaan was started another leader and completed by the other one. Let’s show love for one another

  15. Ken Sex

    Excellent work by the PF government. Vivah ECL vivah PF!!! That piece of work is a beauty and an important corridor for international freight… Twalumba!!!

  16. Villager

    We should give credit where is due this is a milestone whether started by MMD or any other party it is done under the mighty PF Go on ECL

  17. Am happy

    Pf ni patali wana, Lungu ni 2021.

  18. Lethal Weapon

    The world bank recently reported that our debt stands at 27 billion USD….yet your government is lying to us that it stands at 11 billion USD….with this huge debt, such projects as the bridge you are all praising is useless….it simply shows that we have very very few educated and critical thinking Citizens….no wonder we are in such a shameful mess….idiots

    • Marshall

      Some of you guys, learn to give credit where it’s due no wonder, you don’t say thank you to your stepfather. Your biological father left you in your mother’s womb when you was 3 hours old, a good samaritan help you to grow up to 9 months and you are there praising the one who abandoned. Grow up.

  19. Wise

    Wonderful job, the previous government failed to finish this project, until you Mr lungu my mwankole😀😀😀

  20. Danilo

    Kkkkkkkkkkkk vazee some of you here you are just commenting on the project f**k halse

  21. HervRena

    This project is amount effort of two government’s not ecl alone.While Botswana paid its part Zambia also struggled to acquire Kaloba to finish this beauty.,Now look at the the economy.We WONT eat this bridge.

  22. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Mwana wamunyako Pala wacita tiyowoyenge kuti wacita.
    Whether it started sometime back but the one who has completed it is ECL. YOUR EXPERIENCE and your people may I say job well done. Walekani awo wobwentha Waka wabwenthenge

  23. Sakala

    There is nothing to commend the PF or anyone, they are not doing it for free they are getting paid out of our tax payers money , the problem comes in when you are dealing with ignorant people like some of you, who thinks all is well in PF , you should think why other guys are sometimes on the negative side? People always complain about the inflated prices in PF when they are handling government issues. That’s o

  24. Dominic

    Its a pity I ear so many negative comments regarding this project . who did this who initiated it who financed it and so on. Guys the truth is it has been completed for business to flow . u can give credit to ur parent for borrowing money to take u to school ..as much as things are not sound economically yes but its a good thing to easy movement ..


    Construction of the US$259.3 million project, which includes international border facilities in Zambia and Botswana officially began on 12 October 2014 and was due to be completed by 2020. The bridge is being financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the African Development Bank.

  26. Killian matangila

    If people are honest with the truth this project could not start because of zimbabwe stand against getting the bridge through their country without monetary gain and when president sata came into office his first trip to Botswana was to unlock this impasse and agreed with his Botswana counterpart then Gen khama to shift the location where the bridge was to be built and hence where we are now

  27. JMS

    I think koswe and some hypocrites don’t understand how finishing a project is about 😈😂. Let me teach you how a Christian works as tomorrow is a Christian created day thats why you can’t respect yourself and that day, sorry to all hypocrites who pretend to be holy just by words not realizing their actions are ruthless, useless, rudeness and won’t be forgiven nomatter how simple you bring yourself through the eyes of the lord unless the next chapter is to bury all misfortune which is on you.main works appreciate God your mighty as God decided to take the Israelites through the wildness popusness came to Moses not realizing what God”plan was, in return red card was shown

  28. JMS

    I think koswe and some hypocrites don’t understand how finishing a project is about 😈😂. Let me teach you how a Christian works as tomorrow is a Christian created day thats why you can’t respect yourself and that day, sorry to all hypocrites who pretend to be holy just by words not realizing their actions are ruthless, useless, rudeness and won’t be forgiven nomatter how simple you bring yourself through the eyes of the lord unless the next chapter is to bury all misfortune which is on you.main works appreciate God your mighty as God decided to take the Israelites through the wildness popusness came to Moses not realizing what God”plan was, in return red card was shown whereby Joshua was chosen and finalized the trip. Now God said clearly,openly and fruckly that your jobs is full of popus, without realizing what God does you mostly praise your gods, of these people mentioning useless praises no one methined God except your gods whom you think is feeding you. Creators don’t boarst, just maintain and stay quiet in maintaining what God choose them to do. You have forgotten that you even lungu is doing what president sata left you low minded people and sata knowing a head of state has to do his own as well as finishing better ideas of previous heads of state,its shameless media has its own people who may say or do right things which people will understand.

  29. Lungu

    Why sing praises for Lungu over this bridge project when the whole economy is on its knees? Don’t be too myopic Zambian child! Moreover, who doesn’t know this project was started before you even ever heard of Lungu… Salapukeni bane!

    • Ck

      Work on the Road from Kazungula to sesheke the road it’s bad for almost 10yrs now the road is going waste every day 😑 😐

  30. Sampa Edward

    A fool plus a fool equals total war.learn to appreciate people of Zambia and it doesn’t matter who started the project.peace

  31. Ik

    Is the bridge there or not you pipo of the Almighty just say thank you to the Almighty for having the bridge that so don’t qwaro for nothing God bless you all regardless of what you belong my regards

  32. Moonga Cosmas

    Weldone. Ushitasha mwana wa ndoshi

  33. JMS

    Combination of people, (ushitasha mwana wandoshi) misintepreted I know you don’t appreciate tomorrow’s day moonga cosmos is definitely a witch here not knowing who to praise, sampa Edward is a fool not knowing who to appreciate aslong as his parents brought him in this world has neglected God, parents while praising the third his foster father to be recognized alone, well done IK what you need is cooperation among Zambians to know how to appreciate anyone through the almighty, may God bless these people because the know not your word which produces miracles via a person you have selected through their knowledge without realizing your did. And blessed will be to those who believe what you ment them to do but shame to those who believe in arguments concerned on non situations which will bring harm to their childrens and the notion at large,

  34. Feasibility Study 2007

    his cost and revenue flow analysis results in an FIRR of 14.4% for the ‘Base Case, High Growth Scenario’ and an FIRR of 11.5% for the Base Case, Low Growth Scenario’. An FIRR between 5% and 8% percent was calculated for the optimal toll rate. Table 6: FIRR by Toll rate Base Case Alternative Base Case High Growth Scenario Optimal Toll Rate 14.44% Low Growth Scenario 11.96% 8.39% 11.45% 4.6 Feasibility Evaluation 9.10% 5.71% The analysis suggests that the revenues from the toll bridge can cover a significant portion of the project cost. The feasibility study recommends that various financing alternatives be considered, notably public and private financing as well multilateral financing. Although the lower toll rate may be more user-friendly, the analysis suggests that a higher toll rate would be required to attract private sector participation. Higher toll rates can be justified by comparison with the current cost of the ferry service. 5. Project Contacts SADC Secretariat Address: SADC House, Private Bag 0095 Gaborone Botswana Telephone: Fax: 6. Next Steps +267 3951 863 +267 3972 848 On October 29, 2006, the governments of Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the detailed study of the Kazungula Bridge. On November 21, 2006, the African Development Bank approved a grant amounting to US$ 2.2 million for the SADC North-South Corridor Improvement Study, which includes the Kazungula Bridge. The SADC Secretariat is the implementing agency for the study and the objective of the study is to prepare an update on the economic feasibility, detailed engineering design, and tender documents for the Kazungula Bridge and other key infrastructure facilities along the SADC North-South Corridor within Botswana and Zambia. The overall coordination of the study is currently administered by the Joint Steering Committee, chaired by the Executive Secretary of SADC and comprising the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Works and Transport (Botswana), the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Works and Supply (Zambia), a representative of the Secretary for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance (Botswana) and a representative of the Secretary to Treasury, Ministry of Finance and National Planning (Zambia). The committee is involved in the review of interim reports for the studies and held its last meeting on 26th February 2007

  35. JMS

    This is marvelous,now we know who was leading then, may blessings be unpon thee.

  36. JMS

    Then all of you must respect yourselves, otherwise we will know that we have been attacked by vultures who don’t respect others nomatter how, Zambians this country is ours, we must respect and protect the views of every Zambian or nonzambian who is capable of creating relationship in the development of this country.

  37. Edson Phiri

    Guys pf patali,see if a guy started proposing to a lady and later on he give up ,afterwards another one propose too and finally Mary’s the same lady. who is the husband? Answer for yourself.

  38. Daniel Banda

    Zambia is now at crossroads. Its people are now demonstrating the following features:
    1. Failure to be faithful to God having declared themselves a Christian nation because unlike the Muslim countries where religion homogeneously spreads among the citizens, in Zambia the opposite is happening. Most people are becoming evil minded and promoting hatred among the citizens. This is typical of failure of upholding the principle and values of Christianity which is LOVE and self-sacrifice.
    2. Zambia having declared itself a Christian nation is failing to uphold the the spiritual faith which Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ demonstrated when Satan tempted him on materialistic things. Today we have lost LOVE for one another over wealth. The spirit of One Zambia One Nation is coming leaving us so much that we begin to apportion blame each other, instead of appreciating a national asset together.
    3. Because of declaring ourselves a Christian nation we are the first ones to have more people showing signs of the end of the world as read from 2 Timothy 3: 1….
    3. Zambians are showing signs of education that has gone wrong. The educated seem to have learnt from school how to make easy money from just pressing computer buttons. I recently watched a program on ZNBC where a pastor proudly talked about his making a lot of dollars on the internet. The complaints by our president over poor structures approved by Zambian engineers is another sign of education gone wrong just as it is for an educated person spending time spreading hatred on social media in order to become president instead of creating productive community structures with their wealth.
    Zambia is a country where people like easy life and thrive on superstitious money making hence becoming the playground of foreign evil denominations lead by self-proclaimed demonic men such as Seer1.
    4. Can you imagine our opposition parties teaming up with foreigners to bring down our government? How do they expect to come and rule without making mistakes and others teaming up with foreigners to kick them out?6

  39. SOS

    The bridge was not funded by ecl NO but by stakeholders and mostly the taxpayers money including my own contributions if say” nyo” go ZRA and find out how much I have contributed as an individual.Ecl has never paid any single ngwee for construction of that bridge so stop yapping all of you…..

  40. Job

    Yes PF has completed the project but you did not start it Just like many schools and Hospitals being completed now were start in Lupia Banda .At that time the economy was much better it was suggested by MMD to use the money to build hospitals so that the PF in coming Govt shouldn’t find so much money to spend carelessly why you have so many projects started at that time.
    When PF got into Govt the foreign reserve were good bit PF start spending this money with Chikwanda with out consideration of tomorrow. This is the situation today .Most projects are of Poor quality including the roads because the projects have been done outside the secs for people to pocket money from sub standard project that PF is claiming success it’s a failure. What do you want another five years for?

  41. niso Kodibba

    Whoever was involved thank u nice bridge. Its like southern is the most happening province in Zambia. I think opposing is better than just supporting, being government puppets,look at eastern no proper boarders.

  42. Joe

    But unip and mmd stays in power for many years but they did not even put any simple structure on the site and pf did it in under 10yrs so critising lungu for the credit shows that one does not think

  43. JMS

    Indeed, to be intelligent means a lot and for you to be called a brilliant person,it means you have surpassed beyond.Now it sims most Zambians have this say and do but fail to obtain the capacity in brainstorming how,why and when a good thing or better person is indeed needed and how we can recognise his actions or how he does things. Normally much black people have failed to understand how to support a person unless their is a connection between such people, now how will you be regarded someone filled with love if your minds is filled with choice of relationship without regarding the inteigence of each person. To let everyone know the truth is that God hates people who are popus boarsting for what they can’t provide, if we had seen ecl doing what you mean is doing we can’t dought but to clearly remember want he has done which is being done currently, but no their much needed in the change of our mind set. I wish some people are willing to change but unfortunately, their maybe a very big opinion amongst others who don’t regard others as perfect, reasonable thinking material willing to change the nation. I always ask myself why man especially a black man can’t defend his neighbour. I always listen to the song sung by patoranking called black. Which is explaining how a black man sees his friend or how he neglects in support of another person, shame, people just accuse and it passes and find another way of letting the same person pinned, incredibly enough others are watching without a say to defend or do anything especially those who think they know the law are in front pececuting the same person without shame of the realization of today or tomorrow’s commemoration, what shame are we to commemorate the biggest day when our hands ✋ are filled with blood shed. Why does man have shame or sin makes one to be the most sinnful animal.

  44. JMS

    My opinion, why can’t man create a nice understanding with anyone reasonable enough who is willing in the development of the nation regardless of any tribe ie sata was willing to work with HH although HH decided not, but nothing arises concerning haterage. But GBM was acomodated in UPND and the outcome was haterage combined with accusing of each other why? You see anything said anywhere will come to be known although the truth pins someone and a lair will never be successful in his practice nomatter how he does his twisted story.we know few speak the truth. One priest said if you what love from your friend its better for yourself to start it. Imagine if everyone puts that saying in his mind how many people will do wrong things? A few, thanks.

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