Kitwe Council Administrator Nullifies Land Allocation Resolution  

Kitwe City Council Local Government Administrator Adam Jere has nullified a council resolution minuted C/93/03/17 that was passed in 2017.

Jere has told Journalists in Kitwe that the resolution has been abused since it was passed to create commercial and residential plots by the council without any regard for other laws.

He said that it was the same resolution the council used to create plots near the Presidential Lodge which led to their suspension.

Jere added that upon scrutiny by the Adhoc Committee appointed by the Minister of Local Government to investigate illegal land allocations, it has been discovered that the resolution lacks specifications.


“Councils are creatures as they discharge municipal functions, however, our findings are abundantly clear that there was deviation on land handling, deliberately in the 2017. Council made a resolution that leaves much to be desired, it is ambiguous and open ended, which states that the Council needed to create commercial and residential plots in the district and this was acceded to,” Jere said.

He said due to its ambiguity and open ended-ness, the council has been using it to create both commercial and residential plots with impunity.

Jere said recommendations will be made on what will happen next on those who obtained land based on the now nullified resolution.


He stated that using the same resolution both councillors and management engaged in illegalities.


Jere said his committee which has been sitting from the 21st of September, 2020 has so far received over 250 submissions from different residents of kitwe relating to illegal land allocations.


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  1. EM

    What of the area between 20th and 21st avenue where the council has allowed over 14 bars right in a residential area. Loud music is played till past 02. Residents have complained to no avail. PF has allowed too much lawlessness.


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