Police Arrest 18 Foreigners in Nyimba for Unlawful Entry

Police in Nyimba have arrested 18 foreign nationals for suspected human trafficking and unlawful entry into Zambia.

Other suspects and their driver who is a Zambian are on the run.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala said the suspects who are believed to be Ethiopians were arrested around 02:00 hours on Wednesday.

Sakala told Breeze FM that Police received a report that a minibus carrying 27 foreign nationals suspected to be Ethiopians was involved in an accident.

He said when Police visited the scene they did not find anyone as the people who were on the bus had abandoned it and gone into hiding in the nearby bush.

Sakala said while inspecting the bus, police discovered that some items which were in the bus were similar to the ones found on the other group which was intercepted at Kacholola check point recently.

He said police have launched a manhunt for the Zambian driver and other foreign nationals that are still in hiding.


  1. Lazi

    Zambia is porous.

  2. HervRena

    Why didn’t they arrest them at kacholola?Were the police bribed. How possible is it for people to cross6 borders until they get involved in an accident?

  3. Bm

    Immigration officers where were you? All the way from Ethiopia even if it is elligal entry? Sometimes you officers you just expose yourselves how corrupt, unserious, and weak you are. Police officers also does it mean that the so called checkpoints that are supposed to operate 24/7 close at a point? You can’t understand these issues!

  4. Musyani

    Its called freedom of movement let the people move freely,Africa never had borders blame the settlers British empire.

  5. King pethias aka sugar boy forever

    Poor security management system pa Zambia

  6. JMS

    Minister of home affairs, police chiefs, what you are thinking is just monthly payments and extra allocated allowances,try by all means to protect Zambians, foreghners in this country have increased abruptly, sometimes I mostly call them refrugees.

  7. Bulecha

    This is just an ice berg. There is a lot of lot in the Zambian system. They could not have arrested them had it not been for an accident. Shame!

  8. JMS

    Absolutely correct

  9. Robert

    I recommend the police for the job well done. This is how police must work in the country than just arresting enocent and ginious citizens just to please other political leaders (keep it up officers)

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